Sunday, March 5, 2017

I’m enough

Yesterday was March 4th 
- my friend Gretchen celebrates this day: March Forth

Yesterday I received a great blessing, a turning more fully into the Light.
I woke up this morning so blessed.

I am experiencing that I am enough in a whole new way
and therefore, so many lies are falling-away.

I’m enough

I don’t need to figure out how to be/look less saggy and baggy.
I don’t have to be stronger, faster, more graceful.

I don’t need to be smarter, more well-read, more eloquent.
i don’t need to figure out how to be less boring and more interesting.
I don’t need more charisma.

I don’t need to figure out how to fit-in better, be more normal, or be more cool.
I don’t need to be more accommodating, more liked or respected by people.
I don’t need a ton of cool friends and all the right connections.

I don’t need the right house, the right car, the right clothes, the right manners and mannerisms.
I don’t need a bigger mailing list, a bigger cash reserve or a retirement account to last until I am 101. 
I don’t need to have the right structure in my business, in my web presence, in my daily practice.

I don’t need more discipline.
I don’t need more time.
I don’t need more energy.


I don’t need more stuff or to purge like crazy.
I don’t need to be more radiantly beautiful or to try to disappear.
I don’t need to be younger or more fit & healthy.

I don’t need to wait to be more healed on every level.
I don't need to sign-up to be broken more, either.

I don’t need more friends or less friends.
I don’t need more support or less support.
I don’t need more people to see me and understand me, and I don't need to get rid of the people in my life that are already there for me.

I don’t need more clients or less clients.
I don’t need more influence in the world or less engagement with the world.
I don’t need to strive to grow my business, or to eschew it.
I don’t need more security, money, respect... the amount I have is fine.


I am Just Right, and what I have is Just Right.
I don’t need to add or subtract anything to be ENOUGH - whole and complete spiritually.

And you know what this leads to?
… it Has to also occur that:

You are alright, too.
All you are being and not being is all right.
All you are doing and not doing is all right.
I don’t have to fight you, judge you, help you, educate you, fix you - you are already whole and complete, spiritually.

And, of course
The world and everything beyond it, this whole soul game we are playing is alright too - whole and complete spiritually.

All is well, and all manner of things shall be well.
Yes, yes -  this is the spiritual reality.


from a physical consciousness this is ridiculous, right?
Yes, I agree from a physical respective, all is not well - very very not well.

And this whole conversation is just plain ridiculous!
Yes, ridiculous, until... as our soul matures, our spirit unveils, our body shifts... 
this wellness, wholeness, enough-ness...becomes our experiential reality.

And, this is not just theory - which is why I am sharing with you my experience.


we can be better and we can be worse… and we will be, no worries.
We will continue to fight and make peace, judge and be judged, learn and forget, heal and break, on and on.

This is the world we live-in: 
sandbox earth, 
a world of constant change, 
learning, growth, transformation…

Tikkun Olam - is the dance we are honored and blessed to participate-in:
repairing the world, establishing the reign of the ONE in all of this reality. 
- allowing ourselves and supporting each other to heal, to grow, to shine, to bloom.
all of creation coming to our fruitionTeleios - spiritually and physically, in our beautiful soul dance

It is a blessing to be continually co-creating wholeness manifested in our world, this produces very sweet fruit.
But completion - coming to our full Potential in this world, personally or corporately,  
can not be a precondition for our fundamental enough-ness; for us to spiritually be IN Rest & Ease, NOW.


So, deep within, 
THIS experience of being ENOUGH really, really matters in my soul experience (and perhaps in yours).
I am Being enough - NOW; Doing enough - NOW.
This is what matters - NOW.

I AM ok now.

and so are you, 
can you feel it?  
do you want to? 
: )


I used to feel like I would be enough... SOON.
I would have my act a bit more together... SOON.
I would get where I need to be, I would be well, i would experience that I was whole and complete... SOON.

Feeling safe in my body,
beautiful in my body,
powerful in my body,
able to communicate well in my body,
making enough difference in the world,
able to shine in the world,
really being worthy of allowing goodness in my life…. soon.
… hopefully tomorrow or next week, next month, next year… better, good enough... 

But it turns out, of course,
Today is the only day I have (and you too ; )

And I am very grateful that today, I am enough.
I don’t have to strive and try and chase and work-hard,
and cover-up the not-enough,
and hope to feel good-enough to exist, to be seen, to be known... soon.

I’m enough - Now.

I am sure this experience will vary by day for me.
But today I’m enough - and I don't believe I will ever be the same.


What is your experience?

Are you enough, now?
If not, what is in the way?

Blessings on your Unique Journey!

I believe our path in this world
is to bring the Perfection we already spiritually Are - our true selves: Light, Love, Truth...
fully and uniquely manifested into this reality - this world, this body, this life

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