Sunday, May 4, 2014

Testimonials: About Wendy

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I totally trust you.
- Madeline Hartman, Seattle

Wendy is awesome!  I've been a meditator for over 30 years, and I learned lots of new and very useful things with Wendy.  Wendy is also a very compassionate and caring and generous and non-judgmental person.  I have seen her service affect the lives of others in sustaining and powerful ways.  Yep, I a fan!!
- Trey Stiles, NM

Hey Wendy, You are a beautiful shining beacon of love. I hope your day is full of laughter.
- Kimba Thurston, Seattle

Wendy R Wolf is a remarkable healer and teacher that can help you on your spiritual path.  The tools that she teaches will support you the rest of your life.  She shines with incredible confident energy as she guides you to connect with your own spirit.
- Danae Goss, Seattle

Wendy's energy is wonderful - very clear & loving - both flexible to the needs of the participants, and solid in her own knowing, wisdom & power at the same time - intuitive and joyful and fun.
She's clearly a gifted teacher & healer, committed to her own growth and that of her students.
Thank you Wendy!
- Joanie McCoy, Freehold, NJ

I've attended a day seminar of Wendy's and had a reading/healing from her.
I've found her to have not only remarkable talents as a psychic, but a warm healing presence.
She is an inspiring teacher. I look forward to working more with her.
 - Mary Galing, Greater Seattle, WA

I've known Wendy for about two years now, and must say she is one really amazing person! She is so down to earth, you just can't help but feel comfortable around her. Kind and funny, and all around amazing. I recommend her to everyone!!
- Jillian Harrington, Seattle

Thank you for being so supportive and such a great friend to both of us.  We both really appreciate it.  You are a blessing and a light to us all.
- Joe Brisson, Seattle

I'm a better person because I met you. Thanks for all you have done for me, and the many things you do for others. You make a difference in people's lives. Inspirational spirit, you.
-Escar Goh, Seattle

Hi Wendy,
I just wanted to say that I think you are awesome and wonderful.
Thank you for who you are and all you do,
- SD, Seattle

You light up a room and or my computer with your
beautiful smiling self.
This is so much fun! I love it
- MiM, Greater Seattle Area

Thank you sooo much for your unwavering support!! I am so blessed to have met and then reconnected with you.
Thank you. You are the best. Huge hug for you!
- DB, CA

Dear Wendy, what an impact you have on others.. an impact that is expansive.
- JG, NM

THANK YOU Wendy, gorgeous being you, for being so compassionate and insightful!
- SD, Seattle

I am so so so grateful for you! YOU Are incredible! Thank you so much.
- JW, Seattle

Thanks for everything. Its been a blessing having you come back into my world.
- DB, CA

Thanks so much for this Wendy!  So glad, honored, blessed to know you. 
- LPo, Seattle

Thanks Wendy! You are THE BEST!!!
You have such a warm and comforting energy. ~xoxo
Much love,
- DP, Kirkland

Thanks for the support, Wendy. :)
AB, Seattle

I'd love to take part in whatever you have to share.
Thanks for all you do,
- SW, Seattle

Wendy, Thank you for your warmth, compassion and clarity. I am so happy to know you - and to get to work and play with you! What a blessing!!
-SD, Greater Seattle Area

It is truly amazing how just one person can change your life forever ... You are that kind of person! YOU ROCK!!!
-TG, Seattle

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