Sunday, May 4, 2014

Testimonials: Utilizing the Soul Tools

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I have been taking a new spiritual class that is changing me from the inside out....
I have BIG hopes/dreams in/with my new spiritual path :)
I absolutely love my teacher; Wendy R Wolf, all of the student teachers that assist in my class & my class mates.
… (I want to share the) life saving/changing tools we learn in class...
Thank you SO MUCH Wendy!!!!
-Elicia Leivia, Greater Seattle Area

Thank you Wendy, for being you! And continuing to inspire me and others! Your techniques and teachings are SO valuable!!! I am so happy I can share you with others! :)
My friend that I brought with me to your last workshop is eager to come back!!
Thank you for everything! I use your techniques everyday and they are changing the course of my life, truly! ♥
- Danielle Lauren, Seattle

It is fun!  I have learned how to ground, run energy and work with my own energy. Wendy has guided me through exercises that have helped me: accept myself, release negative energy, and interact positively with others.
The most important thing I have learned about this training is that I am on a spiritual path.  The spiritual tools I have picked up have helped me develop a keen insight of that path, that journey. Going forward, it is I who is able to comfortably live in control of my choice of emotion and choice of will.
But it is fun.  I have been enjoying these learning experiences, growth cycles, with someone who I trust and can laugh with.  With someone who is experienced and warm-hearted enough for me to let my guard down.  I feel free enough to allow the changes of spiritual growth to happen, to work for a positive change in my life.  And my life has changed and I am thankful to Wendy for her guidance.
- Tim Coons, Seattle

Thank you for last night. The tools were very helpful at this time for me. There is a part of me inside that wants to come out and also I have fear of letting it out. The tools will be helpful.
- Joseph Luther, Seattle

Wendy teaches “spiritual tools” such as running energy and clearing chakras for “clear seeing” and “clear feeling”.  Wendy has highly developed spiritual tools and clairvoyance.  In addition she has a level of caring, compassion and ability to validate me which was lacking in my studies with others.   As I have worked with Wendy, she has seen my potential and helped me though much pain and letting go over the years.   I am now much closer to my spiritual potential and I am happier and less fearful about my future.
Wendy has helped me in seeing and validating my beauty and worth, and in helping me to grow spiritually and in harmony with the bigger game of the world we live in.
With Wendy, I am making progress in being grounded, staying “in the center of my head”, running my energy and using techniques to clear foreign energy from my space.    Wendy gives me feedback and validation as she views me and my energy system from a psychic perspective.  We work with the unseen universe of Ascended Masters and angels. 
-BL, Seattle

A little over a year ago I started this journey, using the tools.  For the most part fun;   But sometimes it gets so fun that i think I'm doing something wrong ... silly aye?
-AC, Seattle

Sometimes when I am catapulting energetically I forget the basics and then wonder why I feel so wonky. But then after a few minutes of the basic tools it's like AHHHHHH so much better!!! Thank you for teaching me the basics. I love you!
- KT, Seattle

Hi Wendy, I wanted to thank you for the meditation exercises we did yesterday in Princeton...  This was only the 2nd group meditation that I participated in and the meditation techniques you taught worked for me!  When you come back to New Jersey, i would like to take your classes, on healing or meditation, because I want tools to use that work for me.
I loved your sense of humor and laughter.  Its such a blessing to be able to teach these gifts and for those who receive them as well.
Since 6/08, i have been on my journey of self discovery, I came from a verbal / emotional abusive childhood. That unknowingly, was affecting my working world.  I did psychodynamic therapy to understand the why and letting out all the 'repressed feelings'.  I needed to know how to combat the negative thoughts that arise when I am stressed.  I believe the tools you taught yesterday are my answer. I would like to learn much more!
Thank you for sharing your info. 
 - DJ, Central NJ

Big growth for me (moving your business takes a little time) ;)  I am so happy to have found you!  Even though things are tough...  there ARE brighter days in my future.  With this change I am making, many other changes happen, kind of at the same time, things are happening slow & fast at the same time.
Having the tools we learn... is seriously life changing.  I am a bit on the OCD side.  I don't let it get the best of me, but I am a super detail oriented person and sometime these big life changes can take over everything, our time, our thoughts, etc. But since learning the tools, the big life changing things that happen, happen so much easier.
Its still "hard" for me to tell someone something they don't want to hear, but I find I have an easier time putting on the "big girl pants" since using our tools.
I know these are life tools.  I wish I would have had them earlier, but sure am happy I have them now!  Thanks for letting me share,  <3 you!  You are an amazing instructor, I am glad/excited we will have the last half of the program together.  :)
- EL, Seattle

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