Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Testimonials: Utilizing the Audios

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TOOOOOOOOOOO Awesome, thx Wendy
- LP, VA

Hi Wendy,
Thanks for your love and support.
The two audios I downloaded were very helpful.  Having listened to them, I was more centered and grounded as I went to my Review of my evaluation and plan…
Please send me bunches more.  I am committed to meditating with these audios.
- BL, Seattle

Thanks so much, Wendy!  You were SO much help to me this week.  I am listening to the audios and being blessed by them!
- LS, Greater Seattle Area

'Ascended Master Theresa' Meditation Audio

Hey W,
You are so amazing. I'm so blessed to have you in my life.
Another great meditation with the Teresa recording this morning. I've been learning some great new tricks from her each time I listen to it.
I notice that my life is so positive. I am a lot more forgiving of myself.  I see the beauty in that (my perceived "flaws" being accepted, used, etc), which Teresa pointed out I can apply to my perceptions of others (their imperfections, annoyances) as well.
Thanks, thanks, thanks.  Xo,
- RG, Seattle

'God of your Heart' Meditation Audio
I listened to the first 20 minutes so far, and it was hilarious! I love how you have fun doing this!
….Thank you sooo much!! Big hug to you. I'm excited about these tools, and finding out more and about doing it with dogs as well as people. There are so many animals that need healing as well.
- DB, CA

'Owning your Way' Meditation Audio
Hey W,
I had a dream about you last night where the actress Gweneth Paltrow was asking about personal sessions. Haha. I was telling her how my life is 100% different for the work we've done together...
Many thanks for the audios. They are so helpful, especially when I'm down in my shit a bit.  XOXOX
- RG, Paris

'1st Chakra Meditation' Audio
Did the meditation last night.
Bad ass!!
 -AC, Seattle

'3rd Chakra Meditation' Audio
So many changes, emotionally charged ones; and then the geography, culture and pace of this place is not relaxing at all, so that was a change too. I was not feeling great, hard to stay centered (I think my body was really tripped out), i put on a 3rd chakra recording you sent and had a big session.
It was after that, it really clicked (I had realizations and then a confronting conversation).
Glad I'm here even though it has been difficult, another thing under the belt, another hard situation managed with greater ease, the more I depended on God.
Thanks for being such a supercharged conduit of spirit, Wendy. A million thanks as always.
- RG, Morocco

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