Tuesday, May 6, 2014

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Thanks for an amazing session yesterday!!!
So glad you are here to dance with me on our journey!  I am beginning to feel like the ball in the spiritual pinball machine.  I continue to bounce around - back to performance anxiety, then relationship/single issues, now on productivity again.  Digging away at each one - I feel I'm getting closer, and that the overall game is embracing my true nature, letting go of control and returning to play and joy, and just being me.  It's amazing how real those masks can feel, but I think I'm finally remembering how to bring forth my true self.  So who knows what I'll be bringing next time!!  Thank you do much for your love, guidance, support, and insight!
- Jillian Harrington, Seattle

Working with Wendy has changed my life in the best possible ways. She is a truly gifted healer, and has helped me overcome many issues and obstacles. 
- Aubra Alexandar, Seattle WA

thanks Wendy!  Your teaching, guidance, and validation have given me the support I needed to move forward and do the work. I really appreciate the work we've done together and look forward to our weekly sessions now :-)  I will continue to push through and clear what I can, because I want to be able to be at a point where I can help others and be change and love in the world. 
-Joe Brisson, Seattle

I felt comfortable and safe with you.  You saw issues that I have been struggling with and assisted me. 
I appreciated the simple tools you gave me so I can continue healing.  I have seen dramatic effects in my  life. 
Thanks a million, I hope to see you again in a few months. 
 - Sara, Seattle

You are so ridiculously wise and I am so thankful for your response. To be 100% honest, I never thought of it like that.
Looking at anger as a red flag that SOMETHING (and it could clearly be an infinite number of vastly different things) is amiss is not only helpful, but extremely healthy.
Thank you again for your input, Wendy!

Working together has helped me grow and cope and become. And I always have so much fun doing it, even when it's about the crappy stuff!
-KM, Central PA

(after 1st session)
It was a pleasure meeting with you today.  I hope to be able to continue.  I felt good after our session.
Thank you for the link.
-EP, Seattle

Thank you so much for last night Wendy. It really brought me back home and I understood how far I had come, as well as a long way to go. Especially when you said what you trip over is your treasure....I got it like I never had before...I know, realize I am at that place, this union with J was brought up ground zero for me. And I do not want to run anymore. Even though I really wish to be in a quiet place, I need to keep my intention in mind, create it, and do the work.  Again, I will not forget all you do for me.
See you tomorrow, thx bunches
- LPh, Seattle

Thanks for your help last night.
for helping "make my life work"
- GG, Seattle Area

Wendy,  So very good to talk with you yesterday! God knows I needed it. Thank you for serving as a portal of G-d/or your preferred source-name.  Best,
- JH, MI

Wow, Wendy did we open a nice can of worms yesterday!! 
Thank you so much for playing with us!!! 
You are the queen of helping people get safely to the things that they don't want to look at : )
Our work continued into last night and this morning. 
Hallelujah!  Thank you again Wendy... sooooo much love!
- JW, Seattle

I had such a great meditation this morning….
I love you so much!!!! You're AMAZING. Thank God for you. You are a Huge blessing to the world.
- RR, Seattle

Thanks Wendy for the encouragement!
 - RA, Central NJ

(after 2nd session)
Thank you so much!  I've already used some of my new tools in my morning mediation today.  Definitely feel a shift too - we'll see how this goes!
- KP, Greater Seattle Area

My lovely counselor, friend Wendy
your an amazing teacher thank you!
- AC, Seattle

Hey Wendy, I had a great day today at the beach with some girlfriends. As I was driving home I was really happy. I also noticed how comfortable I am getting with time with myself. I'm around people all the time, but I'm becoming more and more conscious of my ability to be happy when I'm "alone."
I teared up and thought of you. I know that I am doing my work, but I am just so grateful that we've been brought together. You are so generous and bright. Meeting you, your assistance and encouragement, and the practice you're helping me develop, have all revolutionized my life.
I feel like you are the first blessing in my life that I am very aware of receiving. I was searching for a stronger spiritual path when I met you, and I'm just so so grateful that you've chosen to work with me. My life is absolutely different for knowing you; I can't even count the ways. You are an inspiration.
I often think about how much I appreciate you and honestly I don't mention it every time because I feel like you have all the validation you need and that you already know. But, today I wanted to let you know.  Thank you so much for being in my life.
I can really feel how far I've come, when I have a hard time, I don't need to talk to some other PERSON to feel alright again: I hope i can give back to others and to you, like you have for so many.
- RG, Seattle

(earlier in working together)
Thank you sooo much. I can't tell you how much I appreciate what you are doing to help me.
I just hope that it can clear all of this shit. I'm sooo tired of constantly struggling emotionally and feeling like i'm drowning and really of beating the hell out of myself!! I'm so tired of beating myself up and i know it is eating me up....
But the question I have because I am afraid is: am I READY?  I question it.
And now that i say that, I realize that I may be "afraid" to bloom and explode and come into my own and leave this familiar suffering behind!
So thank you.
- BD, Panama
(later in working together)
Thank you!!  Great working with you. I feel much better now.
- BD, Panama

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