Monday, May 5, 2014

Testimonials: Flourishing as a Healer

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(Healing Night Participant)
Wendy you are just a delight!  It was nice meeting you last night.  I appreciated your forward welcome as I came in the door.  You did a great job facilitating the large group.  You knew which Healers to match to match with participants. I am thankful for your friendliness. See you soon.
- Janet DeGrave, Seattle

(After doing a House Healing together)
This was such a great experience...thanks for the invitation.
BTW- it was quite timely as I had never seen or worked with portals. I did a healing for someone on Saturday who had a portal above his head... and he had indeed been "exploring" the idea of other dimensions... etc. So I got to close it for him and send the little critter back :-)
- Lynn Brown, Greater Seattle Area

(After doing a House Healing together)
Thanks so much for inviting me tonight, that was awesome, validating, and rewarding
- Joe Brisson, Seattle

(after a Reading/Healing Facilitation Evening)
It was an amazing night... I was so happy to participate and I am grateful for the opportunity to know you! I will see you again very soon :-)! Thanks again for the warm welcome!
- Aleisha, Seattle 

(after participating as a healer in a healing clinic)
AMAZING!! Thank you !!!
—Kimba, Seattle

I will continue with my personal healing and I am on my way to have the skills to open a practice in which I can help people with their own transformation.  I can see it unfolding.
-BL, Seattle

(Healing Student)
Thank you for being my teacher & sharing healing… I love my life! On a healing high woohoo….
Can’t wait to see you. I am taking good care of me, just growing like a weed! I love it.
-AC, Seattle

(Healing Student)
I love the idea of doing a psychic healing.  I can validate that it certainly works, too. 
Thank you one more time for being such a wise teacher for me and for all of us.
- KW, Seattle WA

(after first night of Healing Class)
Thank you!! I learned so much. Can't wait for next time…
DS, Greater Seattle Area

(after first night of Healing Class)
Tonights class was awesome!!!  Thank you Wendy.
See you next week,
EL, Greater Seattle Area

(after first Healing class series)
Thanks Wendy this is awesome!  A LOT of information!
-CR, Central NJ 

(Day after healing class)
The lightness I feel today is amazing!
- SJ, Seattle

(after participating as a healer in a reading/healing fair)
I was able to help others heal to a greater extent than usual at yesterday's psychic/healing fair
by recalling ways you have taught me.
Yes, GRATITUDE!  Plus some very grounded and happy ladies left the event yesterday!
-TC, Seattle

(after participating as a healer in a reading/healing fair)
Today rocked was super FUN & Sooo much VALIDATION GALORE! I have sooo much affinity for you my friend. Thankful for your presence in my life!
-TG, Seattle

(after a reading/healing fair)
Thanks for all the positive feedback during the fair today. I think I'm starting to get the hang of this healing thing.  ;)
- MiM, Greater Seattle Area

(After doing a House Healing together)
Thank you so much for inviting me to the house healing. It was a great experience. I felt like I was with the A team. 
- MaM, Seattle

(after personal session focused on being a spiritual healer/teacher)
Thank YOU. That was such a rich session for me. So much "grist for the mill".
I am grateful and excited for the opportunity to work/play/study with you.
You are a fabulous teacher and healer!
- MC, Seattle

(Day after receiving a healing in Healing class)
Now I am more sensitive to the angels and my healing master…
It is all so powerful, the accomplishments all of us in the class are making.
….Thank you for the love and peace you bring.
-SB, Seattle

(Acting as a Healer/Reader with clients)
Thanks again for the work... Every time I do a reading/healing I still get nervous and come up against some kind of resistance -- but that's so cool, I see how I'm growing a lot from the experience. And after each one I'm always on cloud 9. You're really such a blessing to me, I'm so glad to have you as a figure in my life. Its so cool to watch the evolution of your ministry, and such a gift to be a part of it.
Love you.
- RG, Paris

I really needed this energy shift, as I had a very difficult day interfacing with a very difficult person.
You and your reading/healing students do amazing things. You really changed my life. I'm pleased to share your positive energy with others.
-DH, Central NJ

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