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Testimonials: Personal Training Sessions

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I have known Wendy now for about 3-4 years and over the last two years have had the pleasure of doing energy work with her.  I have pushed through some big hurdles and learned great things about myself. What I have found comforting and endearing about Wendy's spiritual coaching is... She does not give you answers like a psychic, she helps you to do this within yourself - so it is your spirit, body and instinct talking to you, and she does this in a very humble, without ego, humorous, straight forward way. I love her. Please take a chance working with her.
-Beth Visco, Central NJ

Wendy has been an inspiration to me and has been instrumental in helping me make monumental shifts and changes in my life.
-Joe Brisson, Seattle

I have LOVED working with you, you are amazing.  And I hope you know what beautiful gifts you give to all of us through your presence, wisdom, and the way you show up in the world…. I'm hoping  - change that, planning - to work with you again in the future in some way!  So you just get ready for that.
- Jillian Harrington, Seattle

(after 1st session)
-AA, Seattle

(after 1st session)
Thank you so much Wendy! I really appreciate you taking the time to work with me. I got so much out of that, you are amazing!
See you in a few weeks!
- MG, Greater Seattle Area

Thank you so much for the wonderful session. I feel so very blessed to be working with you.
- LS, Greater Seattle Area

Good to see you tonight!!  And glad things are going well with E, I knew that she would get a lot out of working with you - though I know anyone would get a lot out of working with you!
I would love to have a session with you!!  You are on my vision board to manifest a coaching relationship with you, so perhaps this is the first step ;)
-JH, Seattle

Thank you for guiding and supporting me on this crazy journey.

Thank you! Wow what a new way to experience this game!!!   My own reality....
I am so honored to have been able to do this much one on one work with you!
- AC, Seattle

Thanks again for a lovely session today!
- EM, Seattle

M is amazing and I am so happy she is working with you! She is ready for the incredible energetic shifting and empowerment you bring!  (Who isn't, really? :)
So grateful for YOU,
- JW, Seattle

I need someone that I can trust completely. I want a teacher with whom I have a heart/soul connection.  Spiritual technique and skills are great, but where the teacher is on their spiritual path is more important.
I miss your soothing voice and your use of humor.   Your being and presence are healing.  From you, l feel an interest in me and my journey, and an intuitive sense of what I need to get to the next level.  You present/explain things in a way that resonate with me.
I’d like to start working with you again.
-BL, Seattle

Thanks for such an amazing reading yesterday!!! Such perfect timing and such perfect information!
- LB, Greater Seattle Area

I feel like today's session was very surreal, but it will all settle out, so I understand all the magic. My muggle part of my brain is full. Thanks, you are amazing.
- MiM, Greater Seattle Area

Hey Wendy, I just want to say: Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
I am going to be practicing all that we reviewed today. I am in so much gratitude.
You’re such an angel, Wendy. Your help is being used, and appreciated greatly!
- LP, Seattle

I had a great time yesterday.  Powerful healing... Excellent.
Wendy you are an astoundingly good reader/healer.  And a lot of fun, as well.
- TG, Seattle

I know you don't need validation, but I just wanted to tell you,  that was an absolute revelation!!  Feeling so powerful and full of love!  … I walked along the beach to my car singing and could feel and hear how much clearer my throat is!  Honestly all this doesn't come close to describing what a revelation this was for me!!  Thanks so much!!  Much Love 
- PL, Greater Seattle Area

Thank you for the awesome reading and healing last night!
- KB, South Jersey

Wendy did an aura reading for me in June, and was spot on with what I knew (validation), and gave me tremendous healing energy and insight about what I wasn't already conscious about.
 - BV, Central Jersey

Thanks so MUCH for your generous spiritual reading & healing.
I am still processing all that was covered.
- SD, Seattle

I had an amazing energy reading/healing yesterday with Wendy Wolf.... highly recommended!
 - MD, Seattle

(After an e-mail consultation)
I not only read it, but printed it out to re-read again and again - and will put it directly in my journal.
You are amazing and have a gift to heal.
Thank you again and again.
 -YB, NJ Shore

Wendy - Thank you so much for the immediate-assistance call!
You shed light on the unknown, which is priceless...
You deliver excellent services.
- JH, Central NJ

Hi Wendy,
I feel like I’ve gotten what I came to get with you, at least for the time being. Thank you so much for the learning, the processing and the releasing. It has helped me continue forward.
At some point I may want a “tune-up”, but I feel complete for now.
Wishing you all the best!
- LL, Seattle

(after biz coaching and personal healing session)
Thank you!  That was awesome!
- DR, NJ Shore

One of my Ongoing Personal Training Clients wrote out the following list and shared it with me.  She did this of her own accord, to validate herself and her process, and to validate and support my ministry. I share it here, in case it might inspire you:

What I was looking for that I found in practices guided by Wendy:
  • A personalized spiritual path, which was not dictated to me but discovered by me.
  • Greater understanding of what is true inside of me. (Emotions, capabilities, places to work on, lies or false beliefs which were unconsciously disrupting the peace available to me.)
  • A sense of power to change my own life.
  • Practical tools for stress relief and acceptance of what is.
  • All situations have become “good situations” in that they are full of lessons.
  • My focus has shifted slightly from what is outside of me to what is inside.
  • I’m finding that I have all that I need right now.
  • Meditation that “worked” for me. That is to say the tools that we use were something I felt able to adopt without struggle.
  • Expedited spiritual growth.
  • Wendy’s prompting helped me navigate the unfamiliar world of meditation.
  • Her energy helps anchor so that my new practice was able to get traction quickly. I saw results in my life after the first time I meditated with Wendy and I haven’t stopped working with the tools I used that day for any extended period of time since.
  • This practice has become an integral part of my life.
  • I’ve let go of beliefs that were not serving me, which before meditating with Wendy’s guidance I did not truly believe could be changed.
  • I had a spiritual path before starting work with Wendy, but my weekly commitment and at-home daily practice has taken it to the next stage of its evolution. I was looking for a way to not just believe in God but to know God and I have been finding that here.
  • Meditation has changed my conception of Being and has made me feel more harmonious with (not separate from) the Universe. That consciousness then affects every area of my life. Things become easier. I am more connected to all; human relationships, my relationship with myself, society, and Spirit.
  • Wendy’s energetic strength and connectedness helps to introduce me to the greater energy of Being. Her teaching has a way of introducing God into my heart, life, self in a way that I couldn’t consciously manifest for myself at this stage in my spiritual growth. Now that I have had her assistance I feel more able to trust answers from God when I am alone than I did before I had found answers during meditation sessions.
  • This practice has given me spiritual confidence.
  • Life-long patterns have been shifting. Especially noticeable (and helpful) is the shift in love relationship patterns.
  • Wendy is a spiritual counselor. Not only do I get to know God, but I get to share myself and take action to better myself with another person whom I can trust.
- Ryan G, Seattle

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