Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Testimonials: Deep Healing

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Wendy is a powerful healer. Working with her was a profound revelation, afterwards I felt ready to shine my light bright.
- Lucy Pearce, Seattle

Thank you SO much, Wendy. That was life-changing!
-Scott Walsh, Seattle

Wendy works with trauma.  Lots of kinds.  That's why she was so quick to pick up what you are going through, both consciously and underneath.  I know that she gets results.  And I know that (to paraphrase a country song) that this "Aint' no thinkin' thing".   Wendy's good at what's beyond thinking and the facts.
I believe she could work with you to get through, over, around, beyond, past...
- Michael Wolf, Seattle

The first night I met Wendy she gave me a quick aura healing before a meditation class. The healing was powerful. She immediately saw problem areas within my space that I’d been working through for the past couple of years in both acupuncture and group therapy. Her understanding validated that energy work was real and that my problem was real. I started my journey with Soul Tech that night and have since completely gotten over the problem that I had once thought defined me.
-Ryan G, Seattle

Dear Wendy,
Words cannot express the heartfelt gratitude I feel from your healing.  I deeply appreciate that you came to my home, because of my agoraphobia.    The morning after you came, when I woke up I felt different - for the first time since C's passing, I wasn't completely overwhelmed with grief and pain.  Deep sadness, yes, but not lose- my -mind devastation, like before.  Today, when my mind brought me the day of C's passing,  I saw his body glowing with a soft white light, as if he is an angel, or surrounded by angels.  I picked him up, held him in my arms against my heart, and I felt deep peace and love.
Thank you, from my heart and soul,
I send you love and blessings,
- HH, Seattle

Ha! That was awesome….
Thank you for always being so much fun to play with and around….
I’m so amazed at how much better I feel on a physical level. Thank you so much!
- AC, Seattle

(After hospital visit)
Thanks so much for comforting me and my family yesterday. I’ve been praying for direct healing strength from God. My mom’s been raving to everyone about you.
- GR, Seattle

Thank you for the FABULOUS healing work, Wendy! Oh, my!!!
It is such a healing and a joy to be working together again....
I appreciate your saying that you identify as a healer first and a reader second...
I agree (for what that's worth) that you are an amazing healer who reads.
And you are an amazing reader!
- YD, Seattle

I have been feeling tension in my hip, it's gone! Thank you!
-FM, Seattle

I especially appreciate the healing...  The images you gave me to work with are useful to me.  Thanks for your insights and your time and love.
- WL, Seattle

I wanted to thank you soo much for the healing/reading. It truly was an amazing experience, and I hope to have another session with you in the future .  It was really important to me to let you know how grateful I am for your time and gifts. Blessings
-JN, Seattle Area

(after healing focused on fear of the water)
I wanted to let you know that you energy clearing on me has really helped me become noticeably more relaxed in my swimming. 
I had my lesson on Sunday and I just imagined swimming along side the dolphins - that they would be there for me every stroke of the way.  And at the end of the pool, each way there were some more dolphins waiting and cheering me on.  It really was fun! 
I cried at the end of the lesson and throughout the day on Sunday because it was such a beautiful experience for me - to feel safe and loved and protected in the water.   Thank you for your beautiful work.
-KW, Seattle, WA

Tough morning. I so often wake up with that hopeless despair. I'm so glad we discovered how to shift all that. The session yesterday was great. I can't believe how much self loathing and self punishment is in my system. No wonder that sense of hopeless despair.
Its so hard for me to be gentle and kind to myself. The wall or door we hit yesterday was so strong. The truth I see now it that my belief from so long is: that that is who I am, that bad person with no good and no hope and no deserving. I really just want to cry when I think about it.
Thank you so much for your help. I hope I am moving as much as you are seeing. I have a hard time believing that someday I will not be carrying all of this any more. It seems so foreign. I can remember carrying this since I was so young, pre-teen.
Thank you.
- BD, Panama

(in her last weeks of life)
Thank you for tonight. I feel less panicky. More grounded and so relieved to hear I am still spiritually strong. Ty xoxo 
- BV, Central NJ
(after she passed-over)
I hope you do know how much B enjoyed working you; you were highly regarded and loved deeply.
-MW, Central NJ

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