Monday, May 5, 2014

Testimonials: Meditation Coaching

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Wendy Wolf is an incredible instructor and healer. Since I started attending Wendy’s workshops and classes, my life has changed and the way I experience myself and others has improved dramatically. In addition, she is an excellent teacher and her energy and presence always has a positive impact on me. I use her techniques daily and continue to attend her classes. I have also brought friends to her workshops and they always thank me for it and want to come back for more! I would recommend Wendy to anyone I know, and do! She is awesome!
-Danielle Peterson, Seattle

 Thanks for all your support for (my partner), I know your efforts helped him a lot!
-Joe Brisson, Seattle

I’d been searching for a way to meditate, but was left mostly reading spiritual books and praying to get in my daily devotion. After finding this meditation I no longer think about devotion, and I don’t even think about guidance in the way that I used to. Today I have changed (the way to see and deal with life) and my perception of  God has changed. Meditation has brought me intimately closer with the peace I already felt and sought. Now I know when before I merely believed—now I AM.
-Ryan, Seattle

Wendy, I did want to tell you that I FINALLY meditated for an extended period of time last night here in my home.  I've been trying to find the time to do this for some time.   I meditated for 30-45 minutess and read your handout.  I noticed a few interesting things that were REALLY helpful.  I felt so good and calm afterward.  AND I wrote in my meditation journal.
 ... It made me feel better to hear that you've struggled with all this stuff: with doubt and resistance too!  I think you are AMAZING... and to know you initially struggled with it.... gives me hope that I can get SOMEwhere with all this 'stuff' too  :-)
 ....I want you to know that I SO appreciate all the knowledge I have gained from you and from your classes.  I will continue to use the meditation and other techniques I have learned from you as a basis for any further development in my spiritual life
... (You) help us become more in touch with our own spirit and our own spiritual information.  I will never forget the impact you and this group has made on my life. 
- RJ, Central NJ 

Meditating with Wendy gave me direction and confirmation which I did not have when I attempted to meditate alone.
I've learned take-home tools which enhance my life daily.  I use them in my private meditation as well as in stressful situations or on my lunch break.
Since pursuing this meditation path I have had more serenity, less over-powering emotions, and more hope for my future in this world.
With Wendy's guidance my meditation has become a growth practice instead of a battle against my thoughts or a stab in the dark.
Wendy, you are wonderful.  I wish I could convince everyone I know to come see you.  But with all the good you are building I know your ministry will continue to blossom exactly as it's supposed to.
Thanks for helping me on my journey.
- Ryan G, Seattle

After spending years searching externally through less than favorable means, for truth, I was happily reminded in Intro to Meditation to turn within to find what I was looking for. I'd recommend Intro to Meditation to anyone who wants to further their spiritual path. The techniques I learned in class are things I am able to rely on to help me in everyday life.
- JF, Seattle

Hi Wendy,
My friend is really interested in meditation! She has been doing it on her own, but would love some assistance. I was telling her how POWERFUL group meditation is and how much knowledge I have gained only from a few different events.
Looking forward to seeing you for class tomorrow night!!
- PD, Seattle

Had a great meditation with Wendy via Skype today. So blessed for her support and guidance. As well as the connection to spirit that I nurture with her, and alone. It's so nice to be in this flow of life with an infinite support system in and at my fingertips.
- Ryan G, Paris

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