Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Testimonials: Advanced Students/Classes

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Wendy is one of the most graceful teachers I have ever met and had the pleasure of learning from. She not only works her healing magic on you, she empowers you with knowledge so that you can also do the same for yourself!
- Lynn Brown, Greater Seattle Area

I want to thank you for everything you have shared, and for offering your gifts & wisdom to the world~
- Jillian Harrington, Seattle

You are an inspiring, connecting, loving friend.
- Kimba Thurston, Seattle

Class tonight was really rich and wonderful. Thank you so much, it was fantastic!
- EW, Seattle

Thank you so much for having me in that class! It was of course right on time and life changing and life will never be the same and there is no limit to possibilities.
- AC, Seattle

Thank you for being a kick-ass teacher and an amazing healing presence in my life....
I am so grateful for you... The work we are learning to do just feels so, so GOOD! and is totally revolutionizing my life.
- MC, Seattle

I want to start by saying how much I have learned from you. I am able to stand in my power now and you helped me achieve this.  I have much gratitude for the time we have spent co-creating and learning.  I am choosing at this time to start something new and to be done with class… I am making this decision with joy and love. I send the energy of prosperity and abundance to you… (your work is) very important for many on their path to self actualization.
- KT, Seattle

(when beginning student)
Wendy, thanks for listening & especially thanks for teaching!!!!  I'm working on healing myself, but I have some pretty big issues to tackle in doing so.
-EL, Seattle
(then, as Advanced Student)
Oh man, last nights class was awesome! ... SO GOOD!!! … My 3rd (power chakra) is quite a bit different right now.... I'm really feeling it :D .... holy moley, I'm going through a huge crazy awesome shift right now, the new clients keep pouring in, everything is starting to feel pretty different ... woo!  <3 you!!!
- EL, Seattle

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