Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Testimonials: Beginning Students/Classes

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Gain simple, useful skills to help you focus and quiet.
Relax, be comfortably yourself, know you are valuable.
Enjoy fellowship, play, grow intimate with your classmates.
Learn in a safe, amused, non-judgmental validating atmosphere.

It is the best class ever! Totally changes you in a positive way
- Katie Simons, Seattle

Helpful-practical. Thanks!
- Sarah Lovett, Seattle

This class was a learning experience. 
The extensive subject matter was explained clearly and very simply.  We are 'kindergartners' and I liked learning that way. 
I was able to tune out some of the voices in my head and really ground.   I did not think I would be able.
- Joanie McCoy, Freehold, NJ

I'm definitely enjoying the classes with Wendy and have nothing but positive feedback to offer. :)
- Sierra C

These people are as legit as it gets.  Very warm, friendly people that will make you feel very comfortable while you are there. 
My reading (by students) could not have been more accurate!!
I just enrolled in the (Intro to Tools) class.  I took the first part of it today with Wendy, and I already feel as if I have some great new tools to use throughout the day, every day!
I look forward to learning as much as I can & building relationships with the people.
- Elicia L., Greater Seattle Area

Wow... Thank you so much Wendy!  I have grown so much from your classes.
- JR, Central NJ

I have really been enjoying class with you Wendy. Thank you so much for your generosity and warm spirit!!!
In Love,
- MC, Seattle

You're AWESOME!!  I can't even begin to tell you what an amazing teacher you are...  Thank you SOOO much & yes see you tomorrow nite!!
- NK, Seattle  

I felt at peace when I came home last night….
Enjoyed last nights class. Do have to tell you: at the end of the class something spoke to me and said 'you can teach this'. Then a wave of confidence came over me and I said yes I can….
I am seeing as I go on, I am no longer just accepting the way things are right now in my life.
- JL, Seattle

Can't wait for your class tonight, Wendy! What a great group of people!
-DL, Seattle

Just "thank you".
That's all.
- G, Seattle

Wow! this class I felt so different when I left. Fun, knowing I am really on my way to learning and healing myself.
- MiM, Greater Seattle Area

I love your classes, and the fun you bring.
-MMu, Greater Seattle Area

Absolutely wonderful, a beautiful gift, Wendy... Just what i needed.  Thank you so much!
- JS, Central NJ

(when beginning student)
My day job feels like its sucking the life outta me and I know its cause I'm energy matching. I just get lost in the sauce.  I walk in with my tools up and ready to go and then I lose my energetic  whits.
(then, as Advanced Student)
Thank you for supporting me in my growth ... I feel so cable of being in the soup and sauce ... you have helped me see an entirely new reality to play in.
- AC, Seattle

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