Wednesday, May 7, 2014

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Another wonderful evening. I love grounding in a group of people!
- Jane Thornton, Seattle

Thank YOU Wendy, for sharing your wisdom, patience, kindness, and laughter with us!
- Jillian Harrington, Seattle

After 'See for Yourself: Tools for Safely Opening YOUR Clairvoyance' Workshop

 Hi Wendy, I really loved the workshop!! 
 ... thank you for the wonderful energy last night.
 You are delightful, and have become very strong and powerful over the years I've known you
 ... looking forward to your next visit.  Blessings
- KH, Central NJ

I really enjoyed the permission to feel playful while we learned/worked with some tools that help to open you up to your clairvoyance . Very validating and fun :)
-  Kimba, Seattle

After 'The Secret behind 'The Secret': Creating the Life you Desire Meditation Workshop'

Wendy, this class was very enlightening, my awareness of making life simple and happy is soaring. Thank you.
Melinda Murdock, Greater Seattle Area (pic)

Wendy masterfully took this large subject and transformed it into a mediation that changed my vibration, which is usually the missing piece in"Law of Attraction" modalities. <3
- Kimba, Seattle

After 'BEing the Love you Want: Let IN what you Desire' workshop

Love the positive energy, the learning, and healing....the new people connections
Melinda Murdock, Greater Seattle Area

Outstanding job, Wendy! Helped start pulling pieces from many avenues of my life in which I've worked on different tools and approaches and feel like I finally found one more of the few right places to be!
- EC, Seattle

After 'Forgiveness: Not by might nor by power, but by Spirit (Meditation Workshop)'

Soul changing. Releasing old patterns and emotions so more joyful positive energies can come in and be present in our lives.
- Maria, Seattle

After 'Clearing your Relationship with the God of your Heart' Workshop

Thanks Wendy!  I couldn't believe how effective yesterday's session was! 
In two and a half hours, many years of Catholic conditioning and the resulting resentment were set aside.  I always felt bad for not buying into their story, like it meant there was something wrong with me.  And all this time it was just somebody else's great big story.  I didn't fully grasp that until we contrasted the Supreme Being and religion.  Amazing.
Also, the realization that ascension is just awareness and not a physical change of place was a huge epiphany for me.  As was the related realization that my body is not "bad," that it's just a vessel and not a conscious entity to blame for all of my problems.  I've been fighting with myself and blaming my body.  Pretty futile.
Thanks for everything!  Much love
- Lisa O, Seattle, WA

After 'Accepting What IS: Key to Loving our Lives, AND Creating Change' Meditation Workshop

Excellent. I think we all learned different ways to use acceptance in our lives.
Melinda Murdock, Greater Seattle Area

This is exactly what I need right now! How did you know...?
- Kathleen

After a 'Introduction to Tools' workshop

It was a very non-threatening environment.  I felt very at ease and comfortable.
- DD, Central NJ

Better than I expected, and I expected it to be a wonderful experience.  I learned so many new techniques that I will put to use. 
Wendy was personable, funny, caring and knowledgeable.  She was respectful of the various faith backgrounds.    
- SU, South River, NJ

After a Home 'Introduction to Tools' workshop

Hi Wendy,
It was such a pleasure meeting you yesterday. I thank you for a positive experience.
I look forward to attending one of your workshops.
Thank you again for sharing your tools and and knowledge.
- KK, Greater Seattle Area

Thanks again for making it on Saturday! It was an amazing experience!! Your upcoming workshops seem awesome! I am hoping to come soon...  I definitely feel the need to get back into my meditation with you.
I had several friends miss your workshop this last weekend and are dying to make the next!
Thanks again for EVERYTHING!
Much love,
- DP, Greater Seattle Area

Thank you so much for last night! Everyone said how much they enjoyed working with you and everyone got something out of it! You are so amazing and every day I feel blessed to know you. I'm so glad I was able to share you with those amazing women last night! Angels and blessings to you Wendy!
-Joe Brisson, Seattle

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