Thursday, May 8, 2014

I am honored and encouraged by this feedback!

A very empowering experience, exactly the expansion I was ready for. I have new tools to work with and a new guide to call on. Can't wait to experience more with this awesome group! Thank you so much Wendy! 
- Jill Morris, Greater Seattle Area

I have been taking a new spiritual class that is changing me from the inside out.... I have BIG hopes/dreams in/with my new spiritual path :)
I absolutely love my teacher; Wendy R Wolf, all of the student teachers that assist in my class & my class mates… (We learn) life saving/changing tools...
Thank you SO MUCH Wendy!!!!
-Elicia Leivia, Greater Seattle Area 

The tools were very helpful at this time for me. There is a part of me inside that wants to come out and also I have fear of letting it out. The tools will be helpful.
- Joseph Luther, Seattle

You are an amazing teacher and I'm very glad you have chosen to shine your light in the world. You have been an inspiration to me and instrumental in helping me make monumental shifts and changes in my life. I'm very blessed to work with you.
- Joe Brisson, Seattle

Wendy, this class was very enlightening, my awareness of making life simple and happy is soaring. Thank you.
- Melinda Murdock, Greater Seattle Area 

Soul changing. Releasing old patterns and emotions so more joyful positive energies can come in and be present in our lives.
- Maria, Seattle

Wendy is one of the most graceful teachers I have ever met and had the pleasure of learning from. She not only works her healing magic on you, she empowers you with knowledge so that you can also do the same for yourself!
- Lynn Brown, Greater Seattle Area

Wendy is awesome! I've been a meditator for over 30 years, and I learned lots of new and very useful things with Wendy. Wendy is also a very compassionate and caring and generous and non-judgmental person. I have seen her service affect the lives of others in sustaining and powerful ways. Yep, I a fan!!
- Trey Stiles, NM

I have known Wendy now for about 3-4 years and over the last two years have had the pleasure of doing energy work with her. I have pushed through some big hurdles and learned great things about myself. What I have found comforting and endearing about Wendy's spiritual coaching is... She does not give you answers like a psychic, she helps you to do this within yourself - so it is your spirit, body and instinct talking to you, and she does this in a very humble, without ego, humorous, straight forward way. I love her. Please take a chance working with her.
- Beth Visco, Central NJ

Working with Wendy has changed my life in the best possible ways. She is a truly gifted healer, and has helped me overcome many issues and obstacles.
- Aubra Alexandar, Seattle WA

My meditations have been prayer in a different form. By closing my eyes and placing myself into a truly un-distracted state, I am able to have a deeper connection with God, where I reflect and seek clarity on different aspects of my life.
- Katie McCoy, NJ Shore

I was moving/changing so quickly. I am so grateful for you and your guidance along the way.
- Derek R, Seattle

Wendy R Wolf is a remarkable healer and teacher that can help you on your spiritual path. The tools that she teaches will support you the rest of your life. She shines with incredible confident energy as she guides you to connect with your own spirit.
- Danae Goss, Seattle

Wendy is a powerful healer. Working with her was a profound revelation, afterwards I felt ready to shine my light bright.
- Lucy Pearce, Seattle

Thank you SO much, Wendy. That was life-changing!
-Scott Walsh, Seattle

I really enjoyed the permission to feel playful while we learned/worked with some tools that help to open you up to your clairvoyance . Very validating and fun :)
- Kimba, Seattle

Wendy, Thank you for facilitating the meditation workshop last night. I counted at least 23 people!
You have an amazing ability to accept these others where they are on their path.
I enjoyed your laughter. It was so light and bubbly. You are truly talented.
- Janet DeGrave, Greater Seattle Area

Wendy's energy is wonderful - very clear & loving - both flexible to the needs of the participants, and solid in her own knowing, wisdom & power at the same time - intuitive and joyful and fun.
She's clearly a gifted teacher & healer, committed to her own growth and that of her students.
Thank you Wendy!
- Joanie McCoy, Freehold, NJ
(she's on the right ; )

I’d been searching for a way to meditate, but was left mostly reading spiritual books and praying to get in my daily devotion. After finding this meditation I no longer think about devotion, and I don’t even think about guidance in the way that I used to. Today I have changed (the way to see and deal with life) and my perception of God has changed. Meditation has brought me intimately closer with the peace I already felt and sought. Now I know when before I merely believed—now I AM.
-Ryan Glassmoyer, Seattle

Thank U Wendy! ...What a gift group meditation is! The vibration of consciousness I received... A deep grounded sense of belonging to a community. Fully integrated within myself. Fully present. Fully sensing & connecting to others with an open heart. Fully safe & secure within myself. A beautiful melody of belonging & being a part of the whole, while simultaneously fully experiencing my individuated self.
Something like being a bee within the hive or a pea within a pod.... So we humans together create humanity.....Ultimately we are all one!
- Tamela Graling, Seattle

Wendy R Wolf is an incredible instructor and healer. Since I started attending Wendy’s workshops and classes, my life has changed and the way I experience myself and others has improved dramatically. In addition, she is an excellent teacher and her energy and presence always has a positive impact on me. I use her techniques daily and continue to attend her classes.
I have also brought friends to her workshops and they always thank me for it and want to come back for more! I would recommend Wendy to anyone I know, and do! She is awesome!
- Danielle Peterson, Seattle

Thanks for an amazing session yesterday!!!
So glad you are here to dance with me on our journey! I am beginning to feel like the ball in the spiritual pinball machine. I continue to bounce...
I feel I'm getting closer, and that the overall game is embracing my true nature, letting go of control and returning to play and joy, and just being me. It's amazing how real those masks can feel, but I think I'm finally remembering how to bring forth my true self. So who knows what I'll be bringing next time!!
Thank you do much for your love, guidance, support, and insight!
- Jillian Harrington, Seattle

It is fun! I have learned how to ground, run energy and work with my own energy. Wendy has guided me through exercises that have helped me: accept myself, release negative energy, and interact positively with others.
The most important thing I have learned about this training is that I am on a spiritual path. The spiritual tools I have picked up have helped me develop a keen insight of that path, that journey. Going forward, it is I who is able to comfortably live in control of my choice of emotion and choice of will.
But it is fun. I have been enjoying these learning experiences, growth cycles, with someone who I trust and can laugh with. With someone who is experienced and warm-hearted enough for me to let my guard down. I feel free enough to allow the changes of spiritual growth to happen, to work for a positive change in my life. And my life has changed and I thankful to Wendy for her guidance.
- Tim Coons, Seattle

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You can probably imagine that I am honored and encouraged by this feedback!

I am passionate about encouraging spiritual healing, deepening & growth.
It is a wonderful gift to me, when folks allow me to work with them in this way.
It is sometimes challenging, but the fruit is a delight!

I appreciate your interest in this spiritual path.

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  1. Wendy gives from her heart to demonstrate you can live from yours. In Wendy’s presence, I am touched by her character and generosity frequently. It’s refreshing to be touched by kindness in such a powerful way.