Monday, May 5, 2014

Testimonials: Working with Ascended Masters

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Definitely life changing :)
You are such a gifted guide.
Looking forward to more!
Smiles and Sunshine,
- JL, Seattle

Hell yeah, I want to come to the workshop, in my personal opinion the long Ascended Master Workshops are what its all about. They have been milestones in my practice, so grateful for past ones. Especially the one where we rotated between Masters.
I had a crazy meditation this morning with Violet.  I was understanding/ being spirit in a totally different way. AHHH crazyness! Awsesome.  Thanks Wendy!
- RG, Seattle

Hi Wendy,  My opening continues, can’t wait to share with you.  When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me.  Speaking words of wisdom:  “Let it be”…  Much Love 
- BL, Seattle

Jiving with Jesus! Dancing with Dragon! Meshing with Mary! Grounding with Ganesha! Basking with Buddha!
-DR, Seattle

After 'BE Connected with Ascended Master, St. Francis of Assisi (Meditation Workshop)' taught with Lynn Brown:

I can't thank you enough for today's event!  I'm more connected to my life purpose, more present with my family, and I now truly understand and receive the full benefit of  blessing food before eating it :)
With love and deep appreciation for your work,
- Dawn Spiegelberg, Greater Seattle Area

After 'BEing Clear with Ascended Master, Buddha (Meditation Workshop)'

Beautiful energy and guidance to ascending with Buddha
- Jessica Louie, Seattle

What a crowd! All connected with Ascended Master Buddha, and it was an awesome sight.
- Madeline Hartman, Seattle

Many people, all sharing their input, their experiences which added dimensions hearing from other sensitive souls. Meeting Buddha's vibration was very strong, and left me with so much to reflect and absorb.
- Sue Minahan, Seattle

After 'Say YES! to Healing, Growth, Learning & Change with Ascended Master Lemar' Meditation Workshop:

You're an amazing teacher!!! Thank you!
- AC, Seattle

Yes, yesterday,  Lemar.  Always need the experience.
You are blessed and being in your presence, your guiding meditation is always - a blessing to me!
Thanks Love Peace!
TC, Seattle

Thank U for this weekend's workshop!
You have a way with creating wonderful community! Much appreciated ;-)
- TG, Seattle

Hey Wendy!
Thanks again for the great workshop and information yesterday. I was already on a big clearing growth spurt but yesterday was a great catalyst ...
Love to you!
SD, Greater Seattle Area

I sure do feel more settled and I slept the while night! Thank you.
- Lynn Brown, Greater Seattle Area

After 'Meditation & Healing with Ascended Master Ganesh (Monday Meditation Workshop)'

Awesome class!
- Melinda Murdock, Greater Seattle Area

Wendy - thanks for the awesome workshop last night
- MaM, Seattle

Dear Wendy,
You are truly remarkable woman!  A part of you was born to teach working with avatars!
Thank you so much... It really was amazing, and you just shined so bright. Too much to say, yet just wanted you to know how grateful I am to you. You are an incredible spiritual being. xxxooo
- LPh, Seattle

After 'Allow Joy & Ease: Meditation & Healing Workshop with Ascended Master Theresa' &
'Give Yourself Permission: Create & Own Your Life with Ascended Master Theresa'

Wendy, Thank you for facilitating the meditation workshop last night. I counted at least 23 people!
You have an amazing ability to accept these others where they are on their path.
I enjoyed your laughter. It was so light and bubbly. You are truly talented.
- Janet DeGrave, Greater Seattle Area

I have never spent time meditating with Theresa. She is wonderful and I had a great time hearing everyone's experience...
—Brandi, Seattle

Thanks for the amazing work you do.  You are a natural teacher, full of joy and fun and such amazing wisdom.  It is an honor to learn from you.
- JT, Seattle

I was planning on attending the workshop but unexpectedly couldn't.  MG said it was awesome! I knew it would be! I LOVE Theresa!!!!!!!!!
- DP, Seattle

I have never spent time meditating with Theresa. She is wonderful and I had a great time hearing everyone's experience, helping to validate my own.
- unsigned, Seattle

Thank U Wendy! And Thank U all who attended! What a gift group meditation is! The vibration of consciousness I received from Ascended Master Theresa: A deep grounded sense of belonging to a community. Fully integrated within myself. Fully present. Fully sensing & connecting to others with an open heart.  Fully safe & secure within myself. A beautiful melody of belonging & being a part of the whole, while simultaneously fully experiencing my individuated self.  Something like being a bee within the hive or a pea within a pod with the conscious awareness of being an individual at the same time.  Knowing that who I am & my gifts are part of what makes the whole community function. A pea pod wouldn't be the same if a pea was missing. A single bee's role within the hive provides a function that supports the whole. So we humans together create humanity.....Ultimately we are all one!
- Tamela Graling, Seattle

Meditation & Healing Workshop with Master Jesus
Start your New Year at GOLD, with Master Jesus (Meditation Workshop)  

The room was full of love and Wendy did a terrific job guiding us through this.
- Kimba, Seattle 

These workshops are very well run. The first meditation was so deep, it was actually somewhat painful to be brought out of it...  Thank you, Jesus. And thank you, Wendy… you guys have some good mojo!
- Lynne Cochran, Seattle (pic)

This was a great meet up with awesome people!
Katie, Seattle

After 'Live an Empowered Life with Ascended Master, the Red Dragon' & 
'Ascended Master Red Dragon: An Ally in our Abundance and Conscious Creation' Workshop:

I LOVED the Red Dragon meditation!   Thanks
- LPh, Seattle

A very empowering experience, exactly the expansion I was ready for. I have new tools to work with and a new guide to call on. Can't wait to experience more with this awesome group! Thank you so much Wendy!
- Jill Morris, Seattle

Abundant gratefulness for the beautiful guidance, wonderfully diverse energies of fellow class members, and powerful and deeply helpful personal experience with Red Dragon. Well worth the trip up from Portland :)
-Kade, Portland

Lovely Wendy,
Thank u so much for all the meditation!  I always enjoy everyone's sharing of their process & all the fun & laughs u bring to the meditation! Red Dragon kicks Ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- TG, Seattle

What a great day! Thank you, and may you be blessed for enriching this experience for me.
- DR, Seattle

After 'Enjoy your Inner Wholeness: Practice operating from your Center with Mother Mary' Meditation Workshop &
'Healing Circle with Mother Mary: Healing Trauma in Our World'

This was my first real encounter with Mary and it was encouraging. I'm amazed and delighted that I can actually visit with her.
- Lisa Agard, Seattle

Thank you Wendy! This was a very powerful and inspiring workshop.
- Christy, Seattle

Thanks for leading another great Ascended Master workshop.
- Marie Mills, Seattle

After 'Transformation with Ease & Grace: Meditation Workshop with Anna-Lei-He'

A lot of energy!  I like meeting a new Ascended Master to help me. Good group of people. Gentle, easy, graceful.
- Melinda Murdock, Greater Seattle Area

Hello Wendy
Thanks for the workshop yesterday, and the new tools. The creating roses and Masters was something new for me...  I will be coming to your other workshops on Monday evenings.
- Joseph Luther, Seattle

Conscious Creation: Manifesting with Ascended Master Jagina

- JW

Hi Wendy,  Thank you for introducing me to Jagina.  I had a significant cleansing that nite.... mega-cleansing happened, felt shattered... the next days I am feeling great!

What an amazing workshop! After I walked straight in the door and slept for four hours. I had some time to work alone with my new friend/ Ascended Master. Thank you for sharing these wonderful tools and all the love! Forever changed.
-AC, Seattle

Holy fucking 4th Chakra
opening happening!!! Heart, throat, lungs ...all organs & tissue & a tidal wave of Love!
I love u Wendy soul sister!
After the Jagina workshop...
My jaw dropped... cause my gift from Jagina was a strong, integrated, viscerally felt depth of grounding & arms infused with golden light, orbs of white light pulsating in my hand chakras. A depth of grounding & creative potential I've never experienced before!
Jagina rules!
Sometimes I think my life is perfectly  choreographed with all the right music & visual effects... All in the right place at the exact right time!
Thank u Wendy! Take this thanks & Feel it like the gift it was meant to be.
- TG, Seattle

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