Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Testimonials: Spiritual Direction

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Meeting Wendy each week has created the forward momentum that I was looking for.  Before I began... I had been meeting regularly with doctors and mentors, it was good to get to talk about my life honestly with another person. When I switched to sessions with Wendy my life went from manageable to malleable.  Today I find that my life is so much more than I ever could have imagined. I feel in control and empowered. It’s hard to put into words; all I can say is that it’s the greatest earthy gift I’ve consciously encountered as far as what I do for ME.  I hope that this path finds others as it found me.
The commitment to see Wendy each week one-on-one helps me to be more spiritually committed when I am on my own the other 6 days of the week.
-Ryan G, Seattle

I was moving/changing so quickly. I am so grateful for you and your guidance along the way....
Wow! Looking back... So much change and progression has happened, from where I was and who I was, to where I am now, and the person I have become.
God bless!
- DR, Seattle

I wanted to let you know that you've been a tremendous help to my spiritual guidance and I've loved every minute being in the energy with you and I'm happy to share my thoughts with the world about you!!
- MC, Greater Seattle Area

You have made such a positive difference you in my life.
It’s is great to work with a non-judgmental, spiritually adept person who is dedicated to the work of creating heaven on Earth.
 -BL, Seattle

Thank you so much Wendy, I feel free-er
-MU, Greater Seattle Area

Thanks Wendy! I'm grateful to have someone so kind and fun (but to the point) to grow and heal with!
- ED, Seattle

Thanks Wendy!! You are helping change and shape my life!! Love you! ~xoxo
- DP, Greater Seattle Atea

Ahhhh - it feels so good to be back in your playground. I soo enjoy being in joy!
Thank you for supporting my growth.
I forget how good working with you is and how much shifts in a short time…. Thank you again!
- AC, Seattle

I am beyond thankful for the things you've taught me and to have shared the spiritual journey with you...
Much love,
- SC, Seattle

(after first session)
Wendy rules!
- JZ, Seattle

Hey, I was meaning to write you since I left your house this morning.  Wendy: thank you for loving God so much and bringing that into the world. It's a HUGE blessing to have an inspirational person like you. I love how much you live in God. You are an amazing person and I hope that one day I feel I can make my own ministry in the world as you are now. 
- GR, Seattle

Thank you so much Wendy!!
I really enjoyed our time, this is something I've definitely been needing/craving, so thank you for making it available to me.
-KM, Central PA

Wendy helped guide me to embrace the changes I needed to make to transform my Inner/Outer Life!
I am blessed and grateful for her guidance.
- DR, Seattle

Thanks again for last night, and all that you do!!  You're amazing.  I'm so glad that you didn't just decide to work in a cubicle somewhere doing accounting.  The world would have really missed out.  ;)
- JH, Seattle

(After first session)
Hi Wendy,
Thank you for the session that we did yesterday. It was really amazing and also very intense.  I'm always surprised by how I am able to visualize things so easily, but as you can see I also have some significant blockages, and of course those are the barriers to remove or release. I could go on, but I think you got a really good idea yesterday of where I am.  I'm amazed by how much you were able to pick up energy-wise.
Thanks again,
- DB, CA
(after second session)
That was an amazing session today! I sat in that chair and slept for an hour and a half after we got off. That really kicked my ass, and was incredible. Thank you sooo much.
- DB, CA
(after 3rd session)
WOW!!!!!  Holy Fuckin WOW!!!!!!!!  I did not fall asleep after that session!  THANK YOU!!!
 PF Changs for Dinner with my mom. Told her about our session. She wants to contact you and talk about doing a session possibly when you get back.
My fortune cookie: "The world needs your positive energy. Go out and conquer."
….If this is what you are doing for a career, you are absolutely stoked! This is incredible work.
- DB, CA

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