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Testimonials: Developing your Soul Senses & Spiritual Abilities

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Wendy is an awesome facilitator and organizer. I highly recommend having a session with her if you are interested in psychic development and communication with your guides….
I was a student of hers from September 2011 through April 2012... Wendy has been the amazing teacher. 
Her compassion, encouragement and all round good cheer have inspired me to pursue spiritual healing, communication with my guides and meditation in my daily life.  In short, if you are wanting to have fun growing in your inner life, she is the best!
- Kathy Weber, Seattle

Thanks for the input...very helpful...
Its funny, because I didn't even think of working with athletes (with energy tools and healing) until you mentioned it… and I didn't give it much thought after that either… lol… the universe is amazing.
Perhaps you just "felt" it coming.
Thx again…
- Lynn Brown, Greater Seattle Area

Thank you for listening and helping me see!
Kate, NJ

My growth during Clairvoyance Awareness Program has been profound.
- MaM

Wendy.....Thank you for the student reading and insight.  I just went to the web site and cruised around for the first time. I have recommended your services to a friend who is looking for guidance during a transition period.  As I had not looked at your website before the reading so did not know of all your services.
-LB, Seattle

It´s alarming how easy your work makes it. The third eye, please. I noticed old shadows finally emancipated from around the skirt of my pineal gland yesterday, and, like a search light, it began to function. I feel that when my third eye is open, very much of the other stuff I can take care of for myself...
Thanks again for introducing me to your amazing community.
- JS, Seattle

Hi Wendy,
I just wanted to send you a note.  Today was pretty amazing for me.  Today is one of those days I will remember for the rest of my life.  A completely new door is opening!!! :D 
I wanted to say thank you again to you, and the 3 students that read me... SO spot on with everything...  I have never had a reading before.  I came with an open mind & heart.  While the reading was happening I really tried to be as open to the readers mentally as possible, because I wanted them to see as much of me as possible, for me too.  There were a few points that were pretty deep, I almost cried!  Students were very polite and caring, checked to see if I was doing ok, through the whole thing (which I was).   I pretty much haven't stopped thinking about my reading since I left.
Side Note:  I've been thinking about being grounded and in the center of my head all day :)
I am so looking forward to where this door is leading me.  I can't wait for the next class!!  I can see myself eventually taking all of the classes that are offered...  Thank you so much
- EL, Greater Seattle Area

Wendy, I have a friend whose psychic centers are exploding with growth…
You would be a great teacher and she is totally new to this, so you would be a great guide.
- KS, Greater Seattle Area

Wendy and I met at psychic classes in the early 2000s, after which Wendy went out into the world as a wonderful teacher, healer, psychic.  I am LOVING my weekly meditation sessions with her.  
Wendy is doing some exciting work with making psychic and spiritual work accessible to many...  Because of her neutrality and compassion, I can see her as a great referral for your clients.  You and Wendy share enthusiasm for body level healing and assisting mothers and their children… I can vouch for dedication to healing, healthy bodies and making a difference for others.
- LPo, Seattle

I feel really free.  Huge shift.  I wanted to thank you for your help with this.
I am pretty excited at this shift in perspective, it has made such a difference!
- KT, Seattle

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
My life is in bloom and it was fertilized by you. Thank you for holding space, for neutrality, for your healing and for your teaching and mostly for being you!
As you sit confidently in your own spiritual and physical seat of this lifetime, you have shown me how to do the same.
With love and huge gratitude,
(The psychic, the healer, the photographer, the artist, the mother, and just me!)
-LOp, Seattle

We talked about the class last night on the way home and we are both excited about learning deeper concepts with higher techniques. It gives us a lot more to see ourselves with wider perspectives.
- NT, Seattle

(Beginning Reading Student)
Thanks Wendy! I really enjoyed being able to give input on Saturday. I actually felt like I've learned a thing or two! And, I always enjoy being in any session with you and hearing you speak. You are an amazing teacher.
-MaM, Seattle

Thank you PROFUSELY Wendy for being willing to be my teacher, for taking an active interest in my spiritual development, for being so kind & generous, and for acting upon the compassion in your heart!  Whether consciously or unconsciously, I think I've been seeking a psychic teacher with such integrity for many years, and so very glad that you've come along just when I am finally ready & eager to learn :)
Thank you for your time, your energy, your wisdom, and your interest!!
Much Love & Respect,
- NK, Seattle

I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that it was ABSOLUTELY amazing during the reading you did for me.  That you 'saw' that I had been running earth energy and the energy of 'havingness'
Because that is EXACTLY what I was doing as I was sitting on the side before my reading.  It was helping me to ground.  And, it was helping me to tell myself I could 'have' all that I want in life including the gift of clairvoyance and meditation, and all the benefits it will bring...
What I find sooooooo amazing about this is first, that my conscious thought of wanting to 'run' energy actually DOES run the energy that I ask for thru my body, its not all just 'crazy talk', it ACTUALLY is happening... and I can MAKE it happen.
The second thing that I find amazing is that you 'saw' this without me ever mentioning it to you, you just KNEW... WOWWW  !!!  It is amazing.!!  It was all internal.  No external communication all... but you still 'saw' it.
You are an AMAZING and GIFTED reader and healer!  And, I am SOOO LUCKY to be able to work with you... thank you, Wendy!  :-) 
 - RJ, Central NJ

I wrote RJ back and said
Thank You! and Yay! and would it be ok to share what she wrote on the website?
She said:

Yes! Of course! Please use it for whatever you like!  You ARE an AMAZING reader!  I am continually amazed each and every time you have read me, and like I said, the stuff you saw & helped me with my family is HUGE and really really helps me!
I came home and wrote down all you saw and healed with me during that time so that I won't forget any of it, and can refer back to it when I need to!
I forgot to mention in the email last night, you are also a gifted teacher.  I'm learning so much!  I think we all are, even though some of us a bit reluctant students.
Despite our internal battles, we ARE all still learning and meditating and 'seeing', and that is even more indicative of how awesome a teacher you are!  :-)
- RJ, Central NJ

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