Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Easy Food

Easy food to bring along on adventures, that doesn't require refrigeration or cooking:

Day One
subs, take-out, leftover pizza
cooked meat, eggs, pancakes, quiche
prepared tunafish
yogurt, cottage cheese

Day Two and less

boiled eggs
baked potato, uncut

Day Three and more or less

whole fruit and veggies of all kinds, crudite washed and in paper towels and plastic bag
tunafish, and other fish in packages or cans
hard cheese
crackers, bread & butter
sealed snack foods
gorp, nuts, dried fruit,
dried cereal, granola with small vacuum packed milk - parmalat or soy...
poptarts, power bars
protein mix, carnation instant breakfast
hard salami, summer sausage, dried meat
prepared food in vacuum sealed containers - MRTE

Easy, No Refrigeration, Non-cook Group Meals:

quiche made ahead, fruit salad
Hard boiled eggs, horseradish, bagels & butter, fruit
Tunafish in cans, mayo in small unopened jar, pickles in small unopened jar, onion, crudites
bowl tacos - corn chips, cheese, avocado, salsa, tomatoes, canned chili, lettuce

Easy, No Refrigeration, Cooked Group Meals:

Scrambled eggs, fruit, muffins made ahead
French toast with PB & fruit
Thai Soup packets with veggies, nuts & egg

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