Friday, April 4, 2014

Wendy's Special Sauce

What is special about what Wendy offers?

There are so many amazing and talented Spiritual Paths & Facilitators to choose from.
The challenge, is to find someone You can work & play with, that fits well with You:  your vibration, your values, your goals...

Will you resonate with Wendy & this Spiritual Path?
or would your needs be better served by someone else?

Below are 10 things that Wendy values, how she operates...
together with her unique essence, they make up her Special Sauce:

1) Wendy enhances each person's unique spiritual senses and abilities. See more about this at Commitments as A Healer and Facilitator.

2) Wendy
learns energetically from Ascended Masters, and shares how to easily do this.  Examples of Ascended Masters: Jesus, Mother Mary, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Ganesha, Kwan Yin... as well as many Masters who are lost to history.  Yes, like so many others, She works with Angels too, which is amazing!  AND what is different about her, is she facilitates others to work together with Ascended Masters. 

So, she doesn't just tell you about Ascended Masters - because, as interesting as that may be, it won't change your life!  You actually communicate with them, learn from them, and heal with them.  And most importantly, you LEARN from these Masters ENERGETICALLY.  Wendy shares the fundamentals of energetically and consciously learning from Ascended Masters, so you are equipped to do this ON YOUR OWN.

3) Wendy is not a guru
- She may be just a few steps 'ahead' of you in practice... or even 'behind' you in ability to Shine Light. But she does have something to offer ; )

  • SoulTech: Awesome Tools & Distinctions that act as levers in your system, to ratchet you where you want to go, to assist you to let go of what you are done with, allow New Energy & Possibilities in, and MOVE in the direction of your dreams!
  • She invested in her own spectrum of amazing training through the years, AND she has A Lot of clinical expereince: Besides a lifetime of relationship, communication and spiritual training opportunities, she participated in an Extraordinary Psychic & Healing Training Program, where she learned & practiced intensely for over 4 years.  And, since 2005, she has been serving and learning with hundreds of folks to develop and practice what she offers for Soul Transformation. 

4) Wendy is called as a Healer.  Right after she turned 30, in 1995, she was called as a 'healer becoming'.  It has been a hell of a ride since then!  From then until now, she has experienced a lot of Breaking, a lot of Illness and a Lot of her own old stuff coming up to heal.  But, she is now very well-equipped to support you on Your healing journey - helping you make your spiritual adventure easier and more graceful than hers has been!  She is passionate about assisting folks to heal, learn, grow, deepen along their Unique Path... 

5) More importantly, Wendy is continually investing in her OWN spiritual work.  She continues to be dedicated her own spiritual path, deep healing and personal growth;  as she has been since her mid-teens.  As she moves along her own path, the more she has to offer to you - in techniques and in higher vibration. 

She is committed to continuing along her own path and works well with folks who are, as well!  It is a joyful, sometimes ecstatic journey.  And, sometimes, it can be challenging and confronting...  but she doesn't ask you to do anything that she is not already doing herself.  

She designed her Personal Training Program to offer an accessible format, the consistent learning and support, growth and healing that she has received and continues to receive from many different channels, for the last dozen years.

6) The foundations of Wendy's spiritual practice are amusement (playful adventure) and neutrality (non-judgement, rising above the pulls of thoughts and emotions), and she shares how to easily do this.  These practices not only make the work into play, they make the work Possible!

7) Wendy loves God 
She has been consciously Dancing with the Divine for over 30 years.  It is such a rich, exciting way to live!  See this blog about how her Spiritual Journey intersected with her Opening to Soul Senses and Abilities. 

8) Meanwhile, Wendy fully honors each individual's experience of the Divine: the God of your Heart.  Her understanding of God, for over 25 years, is that there are more 'faces' of the Divine, than there are people who have ever lived.  We all have our own unique expereince of ALL That IS.  And if we are fortunate, our UNIQUE dance with The Universe is in constant flux.

9) At the same time, Wendy doesn't much care what folks THINK.
Our beliefs - Religious, Social, Economic, Relational - help guide us... and limit us.
Life is an experiment, we find out what works and does not work for each of us, by living into the results of our choices.
In Teleios practice, we take intellectual beliefs lightly.

It doesn't matter if you think there is a God or not.
It doesn't matter if your theories about WHY the Tools work are the same or very different from Wendy's...
What matters is: what we PRACTICE.
You can believe whatever you want to intellectually.
Wendy often asks her students to please not believe a word that she says - just PRACTICE the Techniques for yourself, find your own expereince, deepen into who You are, live your own story!

10) Finally, Wendy empowers individuals to take back free will, be continually more the "Captain of their own Life". Only then can we choose to Align with our Source, with our Path, with our True Selves, behold and reflect Light.

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