Tuesday, April 1, 2014

AHP: Advanced Psychic Healers Program

Continued Deep Healing for yourself, and
Expanding & Owning your abilities as a Psychic Healer & Spiritual Counselor.

In Advanced Healers Program we learn and practice in many ways, especially:
  • Psychic Healing – shifting this reality particularly through Clairvoyant Healing (changing what you spiritually see), as well as through other spiritual senses, such as shifting Claircognizance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience and Affinity.
  • Meditation Coaching – meditating with one or more folks as a healing, and jumping off-ground to assist with what comes up.
  • Ascended Master Healing – working with Masters to shift vibration and being guided by them as a reader, healer & teacher.
  • Deep HealingSoul CounselingSpiritual Direction:  powerfully leading others through verbal sharing and all tools above, to:
    • heal and profit from core issues,
    • come up from the darkness, grow into the Light and
    • manifest their own unique and beautiful self & journey.

I am the lead teacher, and we will all learn from each other.  I may also invite other teachers and healers to shine their vibration and share their wisdom & experience.

At the completion of this program, we will have more skills and experience to grow a powerful, high-vibration Healing Practice, and/or confidently join a healing team.

Intentions for the Program

Requirements for the Program:

1) Advanced Healers Program will meet 12 hours/month
  • This will include time for healing practice on 'outside people', lecture/learning meditations, trading both aura and psychic healings, shared food and breaks.
  • This is the only Requirement for the Class – more opportunities to learn, heal and practice are included, as you choose to participate
2) Advanced Healers will continually deepen their own healing, as well as their experience as a healer, through:
  • trading healing sessions with each other, every week on their own time
  • receiving support from your AHP Coach
  • receiving Psychic Healing from Wendy - to Heal yourself, and to learn and integrate methods of Healing...

Additional Options for you in the Program:

Advanced Healers have the opportunity to participate in many other Psychic Awakenings Events. Come as our guest to Any, All or None of the following, just as CAP students do: creating the events physically and energetically: arriving early, participating fully and staying afterwards for clean-up:
  • Beginner workshops
  • Quarterly Long-day Saturday Workshops
  • Basic classes: PT & HH (with basic teacher permission).
  • CAP activities
    • Student Readings: Tuesday afternoons and Saturday mornings. As stand-up 'Control' in the CAP readings or as readers (decided by staff)
    • CAP Classes – Tuesday evenings.

Want to Play Healing?

Advanced Healers Program is open to folks who have completed CAP for at least 6 months.

Starting a month after CAP Graduation and going for 8 months (2016: mid-January thru mid-September)

3 months ON, 1 month OFF; 3 months ON, 1 month OFF.

ON months include:

1) 12 class hours
  • 1st & 2nd month (Mid-Jan to Mid-Feb & Mid- Feb to Mid-March; then Mid-May to Mid, June, Mid-June- Mid-July ) - 2-6 hour classes each month
  • 3rd month (Mid March - Mid-April; then Mid-July-Mid-August))- a weekend retreat planned when most of us cann participate. Includes 12 hours of class-time and many other fun activities (simple lodging included in class-cost - upgrades available for a small fee. You will bring a meal to share with the group. You will carpool to retreat, and share ride costs.)
2) Trading one hour Psychic Healing per week, round-robin with all other participants

OFF months Include:
  • OFF these months (Mid-April - Mid-May; then Mid-August - Mid-September ) - encouraged to keep Journaling, Make-up missed reading/healing-trades, meet with your Coach, and most importantly: Integrate, Rest, Be, LIVE!   

ALL months include:

1) One hour Meeting with an AHP Coach (A specially trained and supported AHP Graduate) - for support, healing, reading, and insight

2) CAP Activities, as you see fit.

At Beginning and at end of 8 month Program

Up to 2 hour Psychic Healing Session with Wendy (2 - 2 hour sessions offered, $250 value for each 2-hour session)


This Program is $300/month for 8 months - total of $2,400

6-12 participants in this intimate, life-changing Program

If interested, please say:  Which days and times of the week you are available for class.

I look forward to Playing Healing with you!!

here are details from the start of the first class ; )

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