Wednesday, April 16, 2014

SoulTech Meditation is not passive

We use tools and techniques
as well as internal and external energy;

which invites
revolutionary changes in consciousness
to happen easily.

First time meditator or old pro:
everyone takes it to the next level with new techniques.

Many interested in meditation have misconceptions and confusion regarding the practice;
others hit blocks when attempting to meditation alone.

Come find a physically comfortable,
as well as spiritually balanced practice.

Practice leads to growth and positive change in the “real-world”:
Love/Relationships, Work, Health, and everything else human beings both enjoy, and struggle with.

Answers to life’s challenges surface from within,
as you become conscious of the wisdom, power and light within you.

Founder, Wendy, a Soul / Psychic / Energy / Spiritual Healer,
brings a good deal of training, life expereince, 'clinical experience', and spiritual wisdom to the table.
But, ultimately, Spirit leads the way.

Want to read more?
Try: SoulTech Meditation Coaching


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