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Seniority Circle: Healing, Growth & Transformation to BE the Captain of your Life! Autumn 2016

Seniority is being spiritually in-charge of ones own Self,
saying what goes in our own body & energy-system:
- Having Agency, Authority in one's own Space,
- BEing the Monarch, the Captain of our own Life...

Want to read more about Seniority?  I've written a few things, over the years, if you wanna check them out...

This small Healing Circle is for those who are already well trained in Soul Tools & Distinctions,
and still struggling to be spiritually in charge around one or more of these kind of experiences:
  • trauma, abuse
  • grief, attachment, loss
  • PTSD, depression, anxiety 
  • un-forgiveness, guilt, shame, invalidation
  • stories we live-in, beliefs, out-of-control thoughts
  • survival, finances, emotions, sexuality, control pictures 
  • relationships/ love/ connection, loneliness, hate, communication
  • addiction/ obsession/ compulsion/ avoidance/ constant distraction 
  • programming, competition, perfect pictures, resistance, Past/Future 
  • foreign energy/ invasive Beings/ not holding useful energetic boundaries
  • inability to focus/ hold attention, cannot to choose to say hello to new & goodbye to old

Seniority has been a major challenge for me,
but lately I have turned some very encouraging corners.

It has been challenging for me to take SOOO durn long to claim the Seniority that is my birthright  (especially as expected of a Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Reader ; )
Many of my Students and Clients have lapped me on this, which is humility practice in itself!

But, the fact is:
Some folks just Are Senior,
and for some other folks it is not so difficult to retrieve.
But, for some of us, True Seniority is Elusive.

The good news is, where we trip IS our Treasure!

For those of us for whom Seniority is a challenging journey,
there Are Great Treasures for us and for our world...
as we reacquaint ourselves with our own deep, effortless Seniority.

Please share this opportunity with folks who are still struggling with Seniority.
It is CORE to our soul journey - everything we do spiritually and physically is leveraged by it.
And, I have found many more folks than one might expect, are struggling with Seniority - in hidden places and oblique ways.

I see a small circle of people who are challenged, but unstoppable,
in the quest to be who we are and do what we are here to do...
in freedom and joy, in the freewill and empowerment that is our birthright.

I will be holding this circle and doing most of the teaching.
I will invite a few guest teachers who have exceptional insight, experience, value to add in this area.
Our circle time together will also include sharing, healing meditation, soul healing;
Before and after, we will have unstructured time to nosh, hang, trade aura healings and looks as desired.

Of course, what we do will help you as a Teacher, Healer, Reader, Creator, Whatever… in your own ministry/ work/ life.
But the primary focus for this circle is self-healing, growth and transformation.

Seniority and lack of seniority effects our inner life, as well as who we want to be in the world, what we want to accomplish...
We expereince push-back to our seniority from within, and from our world. 
Resistance and other energies will try to knock you off your horse, and knock our group off as well.

I will not accept this.
I am a stand for our Spiritual Authority.
Please stand with me:

  • Please be working the energy to get yourself into and staying in this structure - along with me and your circle-mates - the structure itself WILL Support you to shift where you are and where you are going.  
  • Please commit to doing this thing, and doing it with a BANG.  Much more than other programs, I will be strict about physical structures: attendance, being on time, having our energy ready, keeping our eyes on our own page, how our circle operates, our shared agreements, commitment to sticking with this circle for the full 3 months, payment, etc.  
  • If you are not ready and willing to be all-in at this point of your journey, please don't start.


Proposed Time Schedule - trying to meet people’s needs for not too soon and not too late ; )
  - if this isn’t just right for you, please been touch:

doors open 12:45pm - to hang-out, nosh, trade readings…
must arrive by 1:15pm - must run energy, trade healings before class starts
official circle 1:45 - 3:45pm - includes most of these each session: meditation, sharing, learning, targeted reading/healing trades in small groups or larger lines
doors close 4:30 pm - feel free to stay after to hang-out, nosh, utilize the momentum you have to trade reading/healings

Circle is 3 months for only $250/month, Includes:
- 10 class sessions,
- structured weekly healing and support trades with peers - on your own time, at your convenience,
- 3 hours of personal healing - energy or physical -  with my team (or 1/2 as much time with me)
- and many other goodies!

Payment Schedule:
$100 deposit by end of September
$250 due Oct 17, and Nov 14
$150 due Dec 12

Monday afternoons in Ballard
Proposed Calendar Schedule -

2nd free meeting to get momentum going - Mon Sept 26 & Oct 3rd
then Official Start:

Oct 10
Oct 17
Oct 24
Oct 31 - could Skip Halloween (we will decide together)

Nov 7
Nov 14
Skip Monday before Thanksgiving
Nov 28

Dec 5 - I almost definitely need to skip this - one of the folks I want to share Seniority with you can run that day, or we can all skip it
Dec 12
Dec 19 - could Skip if too stressy on holidays (we will decide together)

We will discuss, if you have strong feelings, let me know:

If we skip a couple classes in schedule above, we can make-up:
After holidays, in early January
enjoy a retreat somewhere together, before or after holidays

We will work out details in first session.
Then if you want to play this game together, you have the opportunity to commit to time, money and energy to be all-in this circle for the next 3 months.

Hugs, Wendy

He who controls the present, controls the past.
He who controls the past, controls the future.
-  George Orwell

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