Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Advanced Healers Program - AHP Intro Session

 Advanced Healers Program - AHP Intro Session

We are:
  • Saying YES to a deeper healing Journey
  • Saying Yes to being a Healer
  • Saying Yes to Being a Community of Healers

This class could go down in History!
  • Some of us could end up being friends, supporters, healing partners for a long time, for a lifetime - Healing & Sharing Intensity creates bonds - let's do that!
  • I have a Big vision for places to take the work we do. My vision for training my service team has become AHP.  Beyond the basics, this is the first or second time this stuff has been taught, and I hope it will iterate Grandly from here - in my ministry, and in yours.
A Watershed.
  • It is my goal to make the next several months the most amazing, wonderful, intense of each of our lives, thus far.  
  • I hope we will experience loving & hating, sweetness & fierceness, victory & defeat.
  • We all will be called to go DEEPER, to really unpack in this Program - Deeper in Healing, Higher in Growth, Coming to Fruition, to seed, to share what we have… who we are.
  • And to hold space for each other while we do it!

We are building something beyond what any one of us can do - we are relying on each other.
Please commit for this whole Program.

We are creating a container for a more intense community within Master Path.
We will create a place we can chat, communicate, support each other on FB.

I have several to suggest, please send some Healing-related Books and other resources that you highly recommend - send separate suggestions of just-plain-fun stuff too!  I will post for all.

HW: First Practice Healing will be:
Start by Doing 'Nothing': Practicing Trading Healings with Attention & no-effort - without Healers Actively Healing

Retreat Opportunities Ideas- some ideas:
2) This Spring-  Methow Valley Adventure staying at Lynn's Dad's Home:  3 Story Log House in Carlton,WA in Carlton or La Push or other ; )

Everything else will be reviewed in the official agreement
; ) wendy

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