Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Soul Technology?

As souls playing in this reality
we have much more empowered creativity
than most of us are aware of.

We can be consciously choosing
our expereince and creating in our world,
from a place of spiritual-focus.

Instead, most of us are ensconced in a world of relatively powerless physical-focus. 
Our potentially glorious experience subdued,
we are controlled from the outside, disenfranchised within.

Driven by some combination of thoughts, feelings, drives...
and many unconscious influences; 
most of us are living our lives reacting to the world outside,
instead of acting from a soul-level.

But, we can get our free-will back!

To do this, it helps us to consciously
experience ourselves and our world at a soul-level and
employ leverage in our system,
get traction within us,
build our spiritual muscle...

THIS is where Soul Technology comes in to serve us.
We can learn & practice Techniques/Tools & Practices, as well as Tips/Distinctions
that make our inner (and therefore outer) world more understandable, comfortable, malleable...

From this empowered place,
we can Be our true self, Shine our true light, and Choose our true trajectory...
from a soul-level: SoulTech.

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