Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Heal into Light: Examples

Some of the Trenchant Issues
- that we work with often -
and see a lot of shift utilizing Soul Technology:

  • Feeling Overcome by Darkness: depression, melancholy, fear, anxiety, self-pity, victim experiences: trauma, abuse, PTSD, spiritual attack, addiction/compulsion...
  • Stuck in Anti-Life energies: Resistance to change, Despair, Hate, Anti-God, reluctance to allow true spiritual healing, religious programming that blocks experience of Life, God and Reality.
  • Body Issues: particularly weight, diet, and body acceptance / love.

  • Health Concerns: both physical ailments and their often emotional / spiritual causes.
  • Over-thinking:  We can think what we want, but lets not let that stop us from Being our full selves & dancing our unique Journey!  We Can stop letting our intellect run the whole show, and find more balance.  We Can get the monkey-mind to settle-down.
  • Suffering as Empaths and HSPs: (Highly Sensitive Persons) - taking on other's emotions, problems and illness; feeling overwhelmed by others and the world.

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