Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Silent & Solo Nature Retreat

Bring yourself back into harmony with yourself, with your Source, with Momma Nature, with the creatures of the earth.

Fill UP with Earth Energy, Life Force / Bio-Energy - palpably.

Find your OWN vibration, separate from the roar of the city, the input of media, the feedback of family and partner, the buzz of EMF...

Overcome fear you may have about stopping the noise/distractions, being alone, being in Nature, being in Nature, alone...  Find peace, joy & inspiration instead.

This is a SAFE & ACCESSIBLE way to build Confidence in yourself and in your ability to enjoy Nature.

1.5 day Adventure Includes:
Transportation from Seattle
Training & Support before, during and after your
Silent & Solo 24 hour retreat, on a stream-side, in the mountains.
A Hike before and after the Silent & Solo - if you wish.

AND 2 hours of Meditation.Healing.Teaching with me Before and After your Silent & Solo

You will get a chance to push your limits, for example:
If you are used to tent camping, but always with a buddy - expereince tenting alone.
If you are used tenting alone, consider sleeping under the stars
If you are used to sleeping under the stars, consider spending time star-clad.

You will be on your own as much as feels comfortable, but in near me if you need help.
If you get scared at night, you can come sleep by me, but maintain silence.

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