Monday, April 21, 2014

Handout from: Dare to BE LOVE Series: Love the Earth: Practice Partnering with Momma Nature

Practice Partnering with Momma Earth
being PRESENT in our body & with the planet...
Investing in Our Relationship with Momma Earth

(Some of this is easier in summer – but when its cold, we could stand and touch a tree that calls to you, bundle-up on a rock, walk while communing, etc ; )

Some Examples of Earth Relationship practice:

  • Commune with the earth lay on/with/in the Earth

  • Yield to momma earth and let her love and care for you, like you love and care for your intimates:
  • like a cat/lap dog,
  • like a long lover,
  • like a child lays on your body...

  • The Earth can love & heal your body - get in it, with it, on it - consciously yielding and present, and allowing conscious connection!  

  • Let Momma Earth communicate with you, back and forth - Attention to self/earth relationship. Try some of the exercises I suggested for body relationship, with focus on earth relationship, for example:

  • What happens when you consciously interface with, match the energy of earth, water, wind, fire...

  • You can try journalling written communication back and forth…
  • earth to spirit
  • spirit to earth
  • earth to body
  • body to earth

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