Monday, April 21, 2014

Love YOUR Body!

ReNew You! with a daylong retreat:
Love YOUR Body: Meditation and Movement

No experience necessary
(although, you must have a body and bring it with you ; )

Get ready for a fun, challenging and healing day of Meditation and Movement to support your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness, and a more loving relationship with your body.

This day will be half meditation and body-spirit communication, while comfortably sitting in chairs,
AND half comfortable, accessible movement & body-loving practices.

You will also receive a private 15 minute healing, if you choose.  We will enjoy regular breaks to relax and integrate your expereinces.

Please bring a journal, wear comfortable clothing, and bring a pot-luck contribution for shared snacks and meal.

About Love YOUR Body! Meditation

This is a very playful, inner-active Meditation practice - you won't be bored!

Many discomforts and crossed wires in our lives come from a dysfunctional relationship with our own bodies.

You can find balance in your relationship between yourself, as a spirit, and your body.

Learn new ways of relating to and loving yourself which encourage and support a cooperative, nurturing relationship with your body.

As you practice this way of being, over time, you can be amazed at the delightful experiences in your own skin, the changes in your physical body, and the eventual transformation of your life.

The benefits of this meditation include:
  • Learning energy techniques for being more present in your body
  • Deepening your spirit / body relationship
  • Releasing energy which may be affecting your wellness on all levels
  • Bringing more of your spiritual awareness and knowledge into your body.

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