Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Logistics for Solo & Silent Retreat - Plans and Pack list

I will bring, you can borrow (feel welcome to bring your own):
Simple first Aid supplies
10 Essentials


something to keep track of time, that will not die, people used to call this a watch ; )
chair/sheet/towel to sit-upon if desired (I have some, I can bring for you, if you ask)
art supplies
journal and pen
in a backpack / daypack and/or carry bag(s)
light - if overnight

sun hat
bug spray (if desired) - I made natural essential oil kind you can use, but it needs more regular application
toothbrush and paste - if overnight
TP, waterless soap

Clothes i suggest to wear/bring layers:
1 long sleeve (can also sleep in)
1 short sleeve shirt
1 long pants (can also sleep in)
1 short pants (or dress if you are me ; )
bathing suit to hopefully spend most of time in
1-2 underwear
1-2 pairs socks
1 sports bra
1 hooded sweatshirt - or equivalent - if sleeping over
(I say leave a shell in the car - wind/wet jacket just in case, hopefully won't need it)
1 - 3 pairs of shoes that can do the following:
- light hiking
- easy slip on shoes for camp
- water shoes for river crossing and play (if you want to do that)

if sleeping out
1 sleeping bag
1 thermarest or blow-up mattress
pillowcase to put stuff in to use as pillow
if desired:
tarp - keep off the dew and/or under you on dirt
tent, alone or to share

remember cup/water bottle (I will have some extra spring water to share)
There is not fresh water for consumption, unless you bring an outdoor water filter, or boil and strain it.
I use 1 gallon per day. I drink much more excessively than the average bear.
I suggest you bring a gallon of water per day to be safe - leave most in car and take a water bottle with you.

water bottle and spitting into fire circle or hole

see here for easy food suggestions
bring bowl/utensils if needed

The animals in the area are not aggressive food-stealers, from my experience.
But mice will come, and others if you are not conscious about your food and food scraps.
You can sleep with your food to keep it safe, if it is small and very non-smelly.
Otherwise, cache it (hang it in a tree, out of reach of animals - I can show you how - bring rope to cache food- if desired)
or store in car (some issues here - talk to me).

You can walk to latrine, it is right next to parking area
or utilize bushes
(either way, please bring some extra TP - maybe bring a little pack of tissues))
(you can bring waterless soap)
For folks who plan to be far from parking lot, like me, I suggest:
- a little shovel to gig hole for excrement (or you can use a stick), at least 200 feet from water; or
- bring some poop bags to carry out what you carried in (just like we do for our dogs ; ) or
- hike to latrine.
See here for detailed suggestions

I am not planning one,
but there IS plenty of downed wood in the area, if someone wants to be responsible for it - only need:
- matches/lighter,
- a pail for safety water and
- maybe some paper or fire-starters

I suggest doing what feels safe, but pushes your edges a bit:
- tentless sleepers can sleep solo or together separate across the stream
- can tent alone or together - close together or far apart
- those who want to be close to latrine - there is nice tent space near latrine or about 100 yards away, near stream

B&B within 15 minutes and another about 30 min away, - at least $100 for 1-2 people - it includes nice breakfast. Or Holds more people for a little more money, 2 airbnb in the area.

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