Tuesday, April 1, 2014

AHP: Logistics for January 2015 Retreat

This is a Draft, please respond ASAP with feedback, as well as with your requests regarding food, sleeping arrangements, timing, car-pooling, etc.
Thanks!! W

3707 State Route 109; Copalis Beach, WA

2.5 hours from Seattle, (or more with traffic)
here are suggested directions

Check-in is at 4pm, check-out is 11am.


Resort Website
We have 2 cabins, 23 & 24, See map of lodging:
-> plan your trip -> resort map

Tell me your preferences, here is Draft room use and sleeping plan:

#24 will be meeting and eating place: main food storage & prep

Kammy - own bed
Tamela and Melinda own bed in shared room
Lynn & Wendy - on futon
Tim on floor

#23 is smaller, use fireplace, extra food and food prep

Kimba on futon
Madeline and Stephen own bed in shared room
Maria, Scott & Maggie on floor

I wrote to you individually about lodging payment



Most are arriving Friday.  Maggie & Kimba arrive early Saturday morning.
Many are leaving Monday.  Maggie, Maria, Lynn, Kimba leave Sunday night.

Class time will be early Saturday thru late Sunday, TBD.
I am open to suggestions:
Currently, I am thinking: 9:30am-12:30pm (including breakfast meeting together) and 4pm-7pm (including dinner meeting together) - both days

We can be flex about when we meet, But I request we all commit to agreed-upon class times.
All other times, we can settle-in, play, rest, share, hike, swim, sleep, do meal prep & clean-up, move-out…


as in past, I suggest gifting your driver at least $10 each way


Melinda driving - can take Madeline and Tim
Wendy driving - leaving noonish - with Scott & 1 more
Tamela driving - leaving noonish with Lynn & Maria & maybe ?Kimba or other
Kammy driving Stephen
Saturday, crazy early: Please arrive by 9am...
Maggie drives ?Kimba


Sunday, late: Please plan to leave 7:30pm or later...
Maggie drives Kimba, Maria, Lynn

Melinda driving - Madeline and Tim
Tamela driving - can take up to 2 more with stuff
?Kammy driving Stephen ?

Wendy driving - I am thinking about staying an extra day - here or somewhere on peninsula - anyone want to join me? MAYBE Scott, who else??



All meal responsibilities include buying, bringing, managing, cooking, serving, and cleaning-up afterwards. But, before and after this meal, you are OFF!!
Please let me know asap, what you want to do below, I will update regularly.

FRIDAY DINNER: Melinda and Madeline
Madeline: huge pot of my awesome meat-free, dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free and sugar-free veggie chili with tons of chili powder, cumin and garlic!  It will have black beans, onions, red peppers, diced green chilies, sliced olives and vegan sausage.  I bought a huge bag of tortilla chips to go with it.
Melinda is making the salad.

Making: Olivia apple crumb pie - gluten-free, corn-free, dairy-free, soy-free, nitrite free bacon and sausage and eggs 

Making: Chicken / Tofu dishes??

SUNDAY BRUNCH - Maggie & Kimba
Maggie:  egg dish following all the food rules.  Butternut squash soup.  Bread/toast.

SUNDAY DINNER - 2 people: Scott & Kammy

MONDAY BREAKFAST - 1 person will coordinate: Stephen
Making:  Leftovers! Add something crazy-easy, a dozen scrambled eggs, or something.
AFTERNOON & EVENING SNACKS: provided by Wendy through out the weekend.
These kinds of things:  fruit, veggies, salad fixins, s'mores, cookies, pretzels and chips of several kinds, olives, peanut butter, G/F bread & butter, and some quick meal things you can make if hungry: soup, Mac & Cheese, etc

*Dietary restrictions:
If you can, please avoid these foods, or let us know they are present:
meat, soy, gluten, sugar, dairy, shellfish & coconut (includes coconut milk and coconut oil too).
Maria - Food Allergy: shellfish & coconut (includes coconut milk and coconut oil too).
Wendy - avoids milk wheat and sugar; and doesn't eat meat (except free-range organic happy cows ; ) but does eat fish. (Don’t worry too much about me, i can always find something to eat ; )
Lynn - doesn’t eat gluten, soy or dairy (including butter) - IDK what else…



In addition your meal assignment; I request each person invest 1/2 hour, sometime during the weekend, to assist the weekend to flow easily, to operate in a clean, neat space and to leave everything better than we found it. 
Please do this in short segments as you see things that need done, or long investments throughout the time of your stay. We will particularly need a few folks to set-up when we arrive (may need to move some tables/chairs between 2 cabins) and at the end - to help return the place to 'normal' before we leave - thanks!!

I request that food be prepped before and cleaned up after scheduled class time.
There is SO much I want to share with you guys, and I want us to share together!
I request we all re-commit to being present and ready to work at all agreed-upon class times. 
Please communicate if you will be late, or need to leave early - it really helps me ; )

There is Wi-Fi throughout the resort.
Kammy, is there cell coverage?

I would like to swim.  Bring a suit if you would too.
Michael has a wet suit for torso (arms and legs uncovered) - if you are Men's size M or smaller, and want to borrow - let me know.

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