Monday, April 21, 2014

What to expect in Introduction to Meditation and Soul Tools classes

Introduction to Meditation and Soul Tools

  • We sit comfortably in chairs.
  • We learn inner tools, practice these in meditation, share our experiences.
  • Our lives change ;)

These 2, six-week classes introduce you to utilizing Soul Technology for yourself.
You will learn simple, effective techniques for becoming more aware of your own soul information, energy levels and personal space.
This gives you a strong foundation of knowing yourself, which is an essential first step before reading and healing for other people.

Meditation can change your life.
These Inner Tools are the Bomb!  Read what folks say!

These classes offer many soul "tools" for:
  • Grounding to feel safe while you are opening spirituality.
  • Being centered and present for your body and your life.
  • Discovering you own spiritual information. (Everyone has their own unique truths!)
  • Renewing and replenishing your energy.
  • Removing energy blocks in your body and clearing pain.
  • Being aware of and separating from energies that may be influencing you.

See here for: 3 reasons people tend to participate in Introduction to Meditation and Soul Tools classes, and what they usually experience.


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