Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Byron Katie says: "BE with what IS": Meditation Workshop - Sunday Evening, April 3, 2016 - Princeton, NJ

We will utilize our highly-effective inner-tools to leverage the core-of Byron Katie's distinctions
  • Living in the vibration of Acceptance.
  • Choosing Reality: healing our root chakra as well as experiencing the vibration of Reality.
  • Releasing oughts and expectations that keep us in our own and others 'story of should' - past and future - instead of being here now, with what is.

In this Meditation Workshop beginner and advanced practitioners have the opportunity to:

  • Sit comfortably in chairs, and have a body-breaks every hour-or-so.
  • Learn and practice some basic meditation techniques.
  • Share, if you choose, your experiences a couple times during this session; Mostly you will be inspired to shift your vibration and Quietly enjoy letting go and experiencing your inner world, and your unique spiritual experience

We are gonna have a great time, and shift how we relate to our lives and our world - wanna come?! 

  • Byron Katie is a popular and powerful spiritual teacher - inspiring millions to see and experience their lives differently. 
  • My spiritual journey has been greatly influenced by her encouragement to "BE with what IS" 
  • Come share some of this magic!


Byron Katie says: "BE with what IS": Meditation Workshop  

Sunday Evening, April 3rd, 6:30- 8:30  
12 Roszel Rd., A103, Princeton, NJ 08540

We will offer first-come, first-served: a few Aura Healings, these are non-touch energy tune-ups.  
Doors open 6pm. 

We will take a short break ~half-way through.
You are welcome to bring a snack to share at break.

$35 Donation appreciated. If that's not affordable, speak to me for special arrangements.
Please RSVP (space is limited) e-mail or phone/text: 206-853-8603

See you soon!

To be clear, Byron Katie has her own tools that she utilizes to assist folks to shift. We will not be utilizing them.
In this workshop, we will be learning and practicing some of our own spiritual technology.

This workshop is generously sponsored by
Family First, LLC
Family First offers individual and group psychotherapy.
Mitchell J. Kleiner, MSW, LSW specializes in substance abuse, sexual abuse, LGBT issues, and executive coaching in the Princeton office.
Laura B. Moss, MSW, LCSW specializes in child, adolescent, and family therapy in East Windsor.
Learn more at: www.FamilyFirstNJ.com
For a free 20 minute phone consultation, call Mitch at (732) 820-1526 or Laura at (732) 979-2230.
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