Saturday, April 5, 2014

How you can utilize my services

Many folks receive great value by participating once: just one class, or one Personal Session:
  • Receive tools to assist them to take charge in your life, inside and out.
  • Integrate information, validation, and healing that sets you in a new direction, or assists you to overcome hurdles.
  • Get what you need to serve you and your life, now... and they go on with your life.

Some folks go deeper, and enter a healing and growth partnership with SoulTech... for a short time, or for many years:
  • Receive the same gifts as the folks above receive, and if you keep wanting More... you get it!
  • Really build 'spiritual muscle' and 'spiritual focus' to shift your life and continually deepen in your unique spiritual journey.  
  • Receive what you need to serve you, for as long as you want it... and keep creating your amazing life, with and without our support.

Sometimes the 'impossible' takes a little longer ... Rome wasn't built in a day!

It is possible to turn the Titanic, not just re-arrange deck-chairs in your life.  As spirit, we only change when we are ready, and choose to change.  From there, our bodies take time to change in response.

Internal and, from there, external changes that are relatively easy for you or that you are ready to make, come easily and quickly.  More trenchant issues, that are perhaps tied to 'core' issues, may (or may not!) take more time and attention.

All of us at SoulTech are in our own process of healing and growth: spiritual teachers and healers Must be! Our teachers and healer friends continue in their process.  With or without our assistance, you will continue to be in your process, as well.

One thing we really love about this spiritual tradition: there is no one sitting on their laurels: everyone knows they must be continually committed to doing their own unique work.  There is no end to this process...

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