Tuesday, April 15, 2014

JOIN a current Class / Workshop OR Create Your OWN!

JOIN a current Class / Workshop OR Create Your OWN!

Seattle:  Join a class or workshop:
New Jersey: Join a class or workshop (available a few times per year)

Create your OWN class or workshop: at your convenience, at your facility; to serve your friends, family, fellowship, colleagues, employees, clients...  Schedule a Training (in person: travel fee; or via Skype).

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Join a class or workshop in Seattle:

Techniques and support for your own Meditation, Healing and Spiritual / Psychic Development.  You will learn to validate and utilize your own spiritual information.  You will receive  techniques and information to help make this process easier and more fun

Regularly scheduled Classes tend to be:

Psychic Tools (Meditation) 101 & 102: Introduction to Psychic Meditation & Basic Energy Techniques to focus your Attention & Intention.

Healing 1 & 2: Comfortable Healing for yourself and Safely assisting others as a Healer. Learn to offer Aura and charkra Energy Healings.

Body Awareness 1, 2, 3: Love Your Body, coem into a comfortable creative relationship between you as spirit and your body.

Women's Intuition: Enjoy your Female body, as spirit. Ground & Clear your system of uncomfortable energies.  Consciously utilize your female & creative energies.

CAP: Clairvoyant Awareness Training: Psychic Development Training.

Create Your Own Class or Workshop:

       You can choose any format, targeted to the needs and schedule of your group:
  • workshops and presentations targeted to the needs of your group.  
  • 4 - 8 week Classes,
  • 2 - 4 session Intensives.
  • for one-on-one instruction and support, see Personal Training - Private Sessions

I offer energetic techniques and information to serve your
          Professional, Relational, Emotional and Spiritual Development.

Beginner Classes / Workshops from 1 - 20 hours, can be focused on the basics of MEDITATION and/or HEALING

I can also focus your learning & practice for specific needs of your group...

Examples of Basic Meditation Classes (Introduction to Psychic Tools), with a specific focus, include:
* Developing and using your Intuition at home and work

* Healing Trauma

* The Secret behind 'The Secret': Creating the Life you Desire

* Love Your Body!

* Playing Your Own Game, personally and professionally

* You can see here for some mix & match possibilities, regarding a series of meditation workshops.

Some Sample Theme Workshops, delivered to varying audiences:
* Clairvoyance Evening Workshop - Opening to your Clairvoyance
* "A Taste of Meditation & Healing"  an hour introduction to meditation, as part of the monthly chapter meeting of the 'Holistic Moms Network.'
* Introduction to Meditation, for Christians.
* Introduction to Meditation: full day workshop.

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