Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Transformation Workshops: Heal! Grow! Shine!

I generally offer 2 workshops in Seattle per month:
1) basic meditation workshops, with a specific theme
2) meditation workshops with an Ascended Master

I tend to be in NJ 3 times per year, for a couple weeks - and offer workshops there, usually on request.
I schedule at homes, businesses and organizations by arrangement.
I am working on an online workshop schedule as well.

Below is a list of some of my past workshops - to give you a feel for the kinds of workshops I offer.
Most of these subjects will come around again. 
If there is something here that is particularly interesting, let me know.
I may be able to offer it again soon OR we can talk about offering it to your group.

Best, Wendy

Basic meditation workshops, with a specific theme - for example:

Forgiveness: Not by might nor by power, but by Spirit
Accepting What IS: Key to Loving our Lives, AND Creating Change
The Easy Way or the Hard Way: Choose!

God-of-Your-Heart: Clearing Your Direct Relationship with Spirit
Align with God - Let the Light IN

Turn Up Your Creative Energy!
Women's Clinic: Bring your Dreams to Reality with Female Creative Energy 

'Heal Your World' Meditation Workshop & Healing Circle
Body Awareness
See for Yourself: Tools for Safely Opening YOUR Clairvoyance

2-part series on Manifesting - or either stands alone:
The Secret behind 'The Secret': Creating the Life you Desire
BEing the Love you Want: Let IN what you Desire

Meditation workshops with an Ascended Master, for example:

Spring into Your Exciting Life: Safety, Comfort, Ease w/ Ascended Master Violet

Conscious Creation: Manifesting with Ascended Master Jagina

BEing with Mother Earth and Easeful Creating, with Ancient Venus

Live an Empowered Life with Ascended Master, the Red Dragon:  Owning our Space with Anger, Clearing Victim energy & Habits
Ascended Master Red Dragon: An Ally in our Abundance and Conscious Creation

Meditation & Healing with Ascended Master Ganesha

Transformation with Ease & Grace, with Anna-Lei-He

Enjoy your Inner Wholeness: Practice operating from your Center with Mother Mary
Working With the Ascended Masters: Mother Mary

Allow Joy & Ease:  Meditation & Healing Workshop with Ascended Master Theresa
Give Yourself Permission: Create & Own Your Life with Ascended Master Theresa
Ascended Master Theresa on LOVE!

Meditation & Healing with Master Jesus
GOLD, with Ascended Master Jesus

Say YES! to Healing, Growth, Learning & Change with Ascended Master Lemar

Raising our Vibration with Ascended Master, Buddha
BEing Clear with Ascended Master, Buddha

Ascended Master Kwan Yin: Be Spirit in your Body and Spiritually-Focused in your world

Ascended Master Sabrina: BEing Child-like and Malleable

Ascended Master Lao Tzu: BEing the Opposites / Being in Dynamic Balance

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