Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Grow in the Light: Examples

Some of the Delicious Opportunities
- that we work with often -
and see a lot of Empowerment utilizing Soul Technology:

  • Becoming who we are: singing our own song, loud and clear - including owning our unique choices and our own body for ourself, and gaining back the freedom - our free with - that is our birthright.  Knowing who we are and what we want.
  • Allowing Blessings to flow: allowing ourselves to Have experiential Richness: Abundance, Success and Gratefulness. 
  • Being in Present time: Allowing old things to pass away,  and allowing the future to wait until we get there!
  • Opening to our Unique Gifts: finding our vocation, our hobbies, where we 'click' in the world and where we don't...
  • Embracing our Sexual Orientation, Gender Expression, Preferred Relationship Structures: owning our unique being and how we present in the world, how and who we romantically & sexually connect, personal kinks, monogamous or open relationships.
  • Comfortably connecting with All Our Relations: participating in our Divine dance of Life, enjoying our relationships with self, others, Earth and Spirit.  Designing delicious relationship(s) that suit us. Practicing powerful communication and healthy boundaries.
  • Opening for Mystics:  Deepening in God, our relationship with our Source, our Light, our Path; our unique Partnership with the Beloved.

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