Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Soul Counseling: Shift from within to meet life's challenges

Learn to apply solutions from within
to the troubles that plague your present life.

By exploring Soul Counseling,
you may find what many before you have experienced:

We become more fit to meet our life’s challenges,
as we become increasingly more conscious
of the Power, Light and Presence, within.

Through individualized soul counseling,
we can find comfort and joy in our heart and in our world:
  • Engage the soul work that is right for us, right now.
  • Deepen our unique Soul connection with All Our Relations.
  • Develop direct knowledge of spirit, and our path in this world.

When we find our LIFE and LIGHT from the INSIDE,
growth and positive changes flow out into our world.
Folks utilize Soul Counseling to:
  • Develop knowledge of your own Way, experience of your own Source.
  • Access your personal and direct contact with Universal Consciousness, Energy & Possibility.
  • Find your unique spiritual dance in a customized, natural way; never dictated, always discovered.

You can enjoy a helping hand, someone who walks the path beside you.
Founder, Wendy, a Soul Healer, brings enormous training, life experience, 'clinical experience', and spiritual wisdom to the table.
But, ultimately, spirit leads the way.

Want to read more?
Try: Book II of our lives can start right NOW 


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