Friday, April 4, 2014

Wendy's Commitments as A Healer and Facilitator

Wendy's focus as a
Deep Healing Facilitator
Meditation Coach
Soul Counselor
Spiritual Director
Soul abilities Coach / Psychic Trainer
Healer's Supporter...

is not about HER own unique journey, training, abilities, or insights.  
It is about
honoring YOUR unique journey, abilities, perspective and insights.

She has a passion to facilitate each individual's soul abilities, rather than showcase her own.
Wendy's ministry is about facilitating YOU to get in touch with your OWN unique perspective.
And to take the wheel of your own life, to drive where you really want to go!

Wendy supports you to tap into your own capacity to:
  • allow transformation for yourself; and
  • act as a facilitator of beneficial change in your world.   

The information, support and techniques she offers, equip each individual to:
  • know yourself,
  • enjoy your body,
  • connect with Spirit,
  • work & play effectively with others,
  • and co-create a wonderful life that serves you & the world around you.

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