Sunday, April 6, 2014

Practical Training for Soul Evolution

Most of us want to heal, grow & flourish
Meanwhile...  Actually Changing can be challenging for us!

Grasping that we are in the process of Spiritual EVOLUTION,

as a soul learning, playing & growing in this world,
can motivate us to:

  • MOVE Forward, and dance with our current challenges;
  • let go of our past, and the habits of mind and emotion that hold us back;
  • and create a bright future, with courage and persistence.

My Favorite Minister used to say, 
     "we are becoming who we are going to be through all Eternity."  
So Let's get to it!

The work of Ken Wilber has really brought to light the amazing Soul process we are all individually and collectively Living: the Evolution of Human Consciousness.
My favorite version of this adventure story was written by Jim Marion
, from a Christian perspective:

Putting on the Mind of Christ  makes clear the Soul Journey we are all undertaking, the many beautiful forerunners we can look to for encouragement, and the difference all of our learning, healing, and transformation is making in this Reality - our culture and expereince.

There are many ways that we move along our Soul path.  I have found Tools & Techniques that are tremendously useful in this Process of:

  • Being who we ARE;
  • Attaining the potential that lies within us; and
  • Enjoying the dance with All Our Relations.
I have found for myself and so many others, there are so many blessings that come for ourselves and our world, when we participate consciously in Soul Evolution.  Come see some of the Soul Fruit I have noticed folks enjoying on the Soul Tech Path.

I hope you enjoy your unique Soul Journey!

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