Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Logistics for Methow Astral Retreat, Spring 2015


If you are not paid in full, please communicate with us about that right away!

Weather looks idyllic, so far - truly, check it out!! ; )

There is wifi and cell where we are staying

We will meet outside whenever it is comfortable to do so - please bring a chair that you can use outdoors (and indoors if you would like.)  There are some chairs available to use, if you need an outdoor chair, let Wendy know. Bring a lap blanket so you are warm outside.

Please commit to being present and ready to work at all agreed-upon class times. 
There is SO much we want to share with you guys, and we want us to share together!

The is a hot tub, and chance to swim in Momma Nature - if you dare ; )
Please bring swim suit, and river shoes if you would like

Wear whatever you want - casual weekend. 
We suggest you dress in layers.  Bring a shell/jacket, just in case cold or rain.
Bring journal, pen, and a little light you can use to make notes in the night

Lynn has provided a list of hikes that are around the area - you can do before and after weekend, and in the cracks - during free-time... Bring walking/hiking shoes. (there will be some printed at the retreat as well) - questions? ask Lynn.

Requests for your contribution in this cooperative weekend:
  1. Invest 4 hours as a healer - if you don't get the chance to do this over the course of the weekend, we can work with you to help us as healers afterwards. There will be a chart to track your contributions as a healer this weekend. (If you just want off to enjoy weekend, you can just pay a bit more ; )
  2. Invest 1 hour toward shared meals - cooking and clean-up - there will be a sign-up chart.
  3. Invest 1/2 hour to make the weekend easy and graceful for all, sometime during the weekend, to operate in a clean, neat space and to leave everything better than we found it. Please do this in short segments as you see things that need done, or long investments throughout the time of your stay. We will particularly need a few folks to help return the place to 'normal' when the retreat completes - thanks!

Current DRAFT Schedule
18 hours of group time over 3 days:

** Group meeting time of 15 hours (including some breaks)
This includes 8+ hours of official teaching and meditation, 3 structured – 45 min reading/healing trade times, as well as sharing, learning from peers...
** 3 hours of facilitated fireside learning and sharing (optional but encouraged) 

Additionally, each person receives:
1 hour of body work
10 min of advanced astral healing
1- 20 min and 2-10 min aura healings
2 long afternoons off: do whatever you want!!  Group activities available:
one afternoon of service and one afternoon to play in momma nature.


Thursday evening - you can arrive 5pm or later.
First Body-work session scheduled 5:45.I believe all plan to come by about 5
call me Wendy late - 206 853 8603

Officially done with group program about 1pm Sunday. 
Last Body-work scheduled to complete 2:30.
You are welcome to stay around until 5pm Sunday - to BE, to trade healings, to enjoy yourself!

Friday afternoon, we have the opportunity to help an elderly woman around her property - remember Fire AND flood in the Methow challenges last Summer.
People who really don't want to get dirty can still help out, even if it's just by healing the land.
AHP helped a different family in the Autumn we all really were blessed by the day.
Need: work gloves - thick leather or rubber, if you can AND EYE cover if you can (Lynn & Wendy will bring a few extra) and boots (or shoes that can get dirty) sun-hats, sunscreen, layers

See bottom for DRAFT schedule


Yes, food is provided, please bring specialty items of food and drink that you can’t live without : )

I posted current draft menu near bottom

Please let us know right way if you have dietary restrictions, besides these:

So far we know:
No milk (butter ok), wheat, sugar or other sweeteners , corn (can have on cob), meat (except grass-fed, organic, happy cow). Lots of salad - preferably organic.
no gluten, soy, dairy
No nightshades (especially bell peppers and potatoes) and sugar if possible.  If meat is involved, no pork. Also, no nuts.
Wheat and soy free. Not much of a cereal/grain. Lots of fresh vegetables. Needs meat or eggs with each meal, eggs organic or at least BG free dairy.
no Fish


Bring Ear Plugs - even if you have your own room, walls are thin.  We are purposely being TOGETHER to sleep and play on the Astral. What do you need to make it a comfortable expereince?

YAY - sleep inside or bring a tent if you wish
There will be blow-up beds and cots available - for inside or outside use, as well as regular beds.

There is now a working bathroom on each floor (yay!)
NOTE: the basement toilet CANNOT handle feminine products or anything that cannot be easily broken down! :-)

Current plan - Body workers will each be given a downstairs room (If you don't like this plan, say so), you can push bed aside to set-up table to offer body-work OR if it is nice outside - you can go on side porch, or out in yard, as you and your healee decide...

If you are in a bed, you don't need bedding.
If you are not in an official bed, you need your own bedding and pillow.

Sleeping Arrangements

Lynn- Top Floor King Bed
Wendy – Top Floor King Bed or one ion main floor
Jessica B – Top Floor / Futon 1
Tamela – Top Floor / Futon 2

Scott W – Bottom Floor/ First room on the Right
Sarah L – Bottom Floor/ Last room on left/ own bed
CAN BE FOR MASSAGE – Bottom Floor/ First room on the Left ( not the first door on the left as that is a bathroom ;-)
Tim C – Bottom Floor / Last room on right/ own bed/ share room w/David
David - Bottom Floor / Last room on right/ own bed/ share room w/Tim

There are 2 pull out beds in main floor, feel free to use - move around as suits you ; )


Going out:

Lynn - out at 11 am, from Kent, taking no one
Wendy - out at 10 am, meet in ballard, picking up Tim and Jessica at their homes, on the way
Tamela - out at 12:30, taking Scott
Sarah - taking David (can you pick him up at his home in Fremont?)

I regret that it is working out so absurdly - this is because
Coming back: (leavening about 2:30-pm - assume back about 7pm)

Lynn - taking her sister (room for one more - but everyone is going to Seattle, not Kent) maybe someone can ride with Lynn until near Seattle, then switch cars??
Tamela - taking Tim, Jessica, Scott
Sarah - taking David
Wendy arriving a day or two later - taking no one

    <<Wendy being a buttinski
    I suggest for this trip's travel: at least $10 each leg to the driver, $20 for the whole trip.
    I have often worked-out with my friends on long trips: the driver provides the car, the passengers pay for gas.
    FYI, we are going at least 220 miles one way - At the current IRS mileage rate of 56 cents, this is an acknowledged investment for your driver of at least $123, each way. Driving is expensive, we complain about gas, but many of the other costs are hidden from our consciousness.
    These are things to consider, blow pics about, and look for yourself.
    We are not in charge of this exchange, but please be generous and work out with your driver(s) what seems fair.>>

     ***YOU CAN STOP READING - more detailed info below, if you want it

    MEAL Plan

    3 Dinners

    1) make your own tacos - or taco salad
    black bean chili (organic grass-fed ground beef on side) (mild with hot sauce on side), org brown/black rice, onions, tomatoes, lettuce,  cheese (cow, goat and non-dairy), fritos and tortilla chips, guacamole

    2) meatloaf with organic grass-fed ground beef, oats or GF bread, egg, sautéed onion, spices
    regular macaroni and cheese (alt made with non-wheat and non-dairy cheese)
    carrots, mashed cauliflower

    3) orange beef stir fry and brown rice (not sweet) and broccoli

    2 Appetizers

    and some stuff from always available food, that’s appropriate, i.e.  nuts, credit, cheese & crackers, etc

    3 Lunches

    1) italian style buffet: tunafish and ham, with regular and GF bread - tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, mayo, onions, oil & vinegar on side - or chef salad

    2) make your own pizza (english muffins and gluten-free pizza bottoms) - or Italian salad
    goat cheese and mozzarella (regular and non-dairy), sautéed onions, sautéed mushrooms, peppers, pepperoni, sliced olives, spices, tomato sauce (alt tomatillo salsa)

    3) leftovers!

    3 Breakfasts

    1) granola, muesli, fruit, yogurt, nuts, hard boiled eggs… buffet

    2) oatmeal, sausage, hard boiled eggs

    3) scrambled eggs, bacon, onion/veggie sauté as well as cheese choices on the side

    3 Evening snacks:

    org oat banana apple sauce, coconut milk, raisin cookies
    GF brownies
    Fruit salad

    Food available all the time for snacks, and meal additions:

    crudite - broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers…
    at least 2 dressings to choose - ceasar & goddess; also Lemon, Vinegars and Olive oil available

    fresh fruit of many kinds, including apples, oranges, grapes, bananas…

    Nuts & seeds
    Hard boiled eggs
    cheese - cow, goat and non-dairy
    Natural, NoSugarAdded Peanut Butter (& org Jam)

    bread/toast & crackers - regular and gluten-free

    pretzels and chips of several kinds
    frozen fruit, greens, granola to make smoothies - blender there can be used

    butter & special margarine
    coffee & tea (Decaf and herbal)
    milk, cashew milk
    delicious well water
    Sara will bring ingredients for a pot of chai, and/or Hongkong tea.

    DRAFT Schedule

    Thursday Evening -

    5 pm doors open for retreat

    5:45 – 6:45 - Scheduled Body Healings for 1/3 of group

    5:45 - 7:15 -  20 min Aura Healings for all (folks involved with body healing go last – IF not part of body healing, please please start your healing by 6:30)

    6:15 – 7:15  - Dinner and snacks are flex, grab & go, not all sit together

    7:15 – 8:45 – Intros, Sharing, 90 min together

    8:55 - Snacks are flex, grab & go, not all sit together

    9 - 10 – facilitated sharing by the fire (optional but crazy useful)


    8 - Breakfast

    8:45 - Sharing, 2 hour Learning & Meditation, 45 min trade time (3 people, 10 min of reading each, plus transitions), breaks –  4 hours together

    1 - Lunch and snacks are flex, grab & go, not all sit together

    1:15 leave for Afternoon Service Trip – 2 hours of service plus travel, transitions and general playfulness - back by 5 (or Free time or your own Healing trades)

    5 -  appetizers are flex, grab & go, not all sit together

    5:15 – 6:15 - Scheduled Body Healings for 1/4 of group

    6:30 - Dinner

    7:15 – 8:45 - Sharing, 1 hour of Learning & Meditation - 90 min together

    8:55 - Snacks are flex, grab & go, not all sit together

    9 - 10 – facilitated sharing by the fire (optional but crazy useful) – Lynn leads


    8 - Breakfast

    8:45 - Sharing, 2 hours of Learning & Meditation,  45 min trade time (3 people, 10 min of reading each, plus transitions), breaks –  4 hours together

    1 - Lunch and snacks are flex, grab & go, not all sit together

    1:15 leave for some kind of awesome outdoor play/hike/rest opportunity for a few hours - back by 5 (or Free time or your own Healing trades)

    5 -  appetizers are flex, grab & go, not all sit together

    5:15 – 6:15 - Scheduled Body Healings for 1/3 of group

    6:30 - Dinner

    7:15 – 8:45 - Sharing, 1 hour Learning & Meditation - 90 min together

    8:55 - Snacks are flex, grab & go, not all sit together

    9 - 10 – facilitated sharing by the fire (optional but crazy useful) – Lynn leads


    8 - Breakfast

    8:45 - Sharing, 1 hour of Learning & Meditation, ½ hour reading/healing trades, breaks, separations – 2 hours together

    11 - Astral Healing - 10 min Aura Healing, 10 min Astral Body Healing, 10 min Aura Healing – ½ hour each, happens over 1.5 hours
    (for the first set of 5 healees, need 5 Aura Healers (10 min before and also after), 5 Astral Healers - Tamela, Scott, Tim, Madeline, Kammy? Kimba? - and 2 control – you and I. After that ½ the people heal and half get healed, then switch)

    ~12:30 – Lunch: Leftovers available for snacking -  flex, grab & go

    ~12:30 – Final Circle while eating lunch

    1:15 – 2:15 - Scheduled Body Healings for 1/3 of group

    2:30 - Retreat is officially over, and clean-up will begin in earnest.  Please move your personal gear to your car.  You are welcome to stay until 5 – outside and on porch, to enjoy quiet time or your healing trades with other healers, on your own time.

    draft Assisting with food and cleanup Schedule

    Tim is in charge of food, talk to him, help him - he is a Hero!

    Assistants, for your meal, please think in terms of:
    Cleaning up kitchen and dining room
    Doing dishes from previous meal
    Helping Tim with Meal prep
    Helping Tim prep future meals and snacks
    Doing dishes made messy while cooking
    Right when meal served, making nice big soapy water for all dishes from meal - for folks to put into after meal
    Helping serve meal

    Thursday Dinner (and food storage)  - Lynn

    Friday Breakfast - Tamela
    Friday Dinner - Jessica

    Saturday Breakfast - David
    Saturday Dinner - Sarah

    Sunday Breakfast - Scott
    Sunday Lunch (and food packing) - Wendy

    draft HEALING schedule

    Thurs late afternoon
    David acupuncture Jessica
    Lucinda reflexology to Wendy
    Tamela massage/energy work Sarah

    Friday late afternoon
    David acupuncture Tamela
    Jessica heals, then Sarah reads Lucinda
    Massage Methow lady massages Scott

    Saturday late afternoon
    Tamela massage/energy work David

    Sun early afternoon
    David acupuncture Tim
    Scott reads Massage Methow lady
    Tamela massage/energy work Lynn

    Other healing:

    Sarah and Jessica will do a lot of the Aura healing! Everyone else will chip-in ; )
    That happens Friday night and Sunday late morning
    Lynn and Wendy will control - and assist as needed

    Astral Healing, late Sunday Morning will be done by Tamela, Scott, & Tim
    Lynn and Wendy will control - and assist as needed

    Additional Info for before, after, or at breaks during workshop:

    Local Spots to Check Out:
    1. Carlton Hole – 3 miles north, take a left after you cross the bridge into Carlton. This is a sand beach where the locals hang out and swim.
    2. Foggy Dew/Gold Creek – Go south ½ mile, turn right onto Gold Creek road. Go another ¾ mile and turn right up towards Foggy Dew Camp Ground. The road continues way into the mountains and becomes a dirt road. Gold Creek is a nice creek to relax by or in Just pick a spot to pull over and enjoy.
    3. Twisp Bakery- Downtown Twisp
    4. Famers Market – Saturday from 9-noon at the Twisp Community Center.
    5. Sandy beach at river- go south ½ mile, cross the bridge and turn left onto the dirt road. Continue on dirt road for about ½ mile and you will see the sandy beach on the left (before the house).
    6. Libby Lake Trail head- This is a beautiful 11 mile round trip hike. Even the first mile or two is worth the walk. Go north 2 miles, turn left onto Libby Creek road. Stay to the right when the road Y’s! Continue on the dirt road for about 5 miles until you come to the Libby Lake trail head.
    7. Float the River- Take some inner tubes up to the Carlton Hole and float back down to the house.
    8. Twisp Pub- Great food and local bands. The pub is on the left hand side right before you cross the bridge to head out of Twisp if you are headed North.
    9. Other hiking trails: see hiking booklet.

      Communication complete - only garbage below ;)

    Please give feedback, so I can update
    : ) W


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    3. Thank you Wendy and Lynn, This has been an amazing retreat. I feel like a new person. I have got to find a way to use my priestess archetype.