Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Turning over a new leaf - Body Relationship

Starting today
I AM Being With my self, being In my body, Listening to my little child, Being Present, Owning the moment…
FULL-ON for at least a half-hour a day.

This might look like:
- holding my little child while she tells me stories.
- writing in my journal what my body wants me to hear.
- dancing with complete presence.
- laying on the beach after a dip in the sound, completely noticing all my senses, and my rhythms, and my aliveness.
(it will look lots of ways ; )

I am sick and tired of running from my shit.
I don’t want my body hitting me with a 2x4 anymore, because it can’t get my attention.

I don’t want to nurture my addictions and distractions - Forever!
I don’t want to hide behind success or failure, behind looking good spiritually or physically.

I want to experience my big, bright, amazing, whole self EMBODIED!
I want to be Enlightened - not as some spiritual mark - “look Mom, I got an ‘A’ “

Rather, I want to BE LIGHT, LOVE, JOY
IN, WITH, THROUGH ALL the Parts of myself
and connected to Everything and everyone else.

I want to fall in love with myself, with my body, with my life and with ALL - in a healthy, delicious, real way.
I want to enjoy my time on this earth, being with art, music, dance, creative expression… holy 2nd chakra! ; )

Over a dozen years ago, I started Psychic Practice, full-on.
I was soooo far from my body!  I was sooo full of pain and invalidation.
It took so much to do that, and I did that.

I have come so far in cleaning, healing, owning and raising my vibration.
And my body and my life is like night and day - so so so so much better.
But, I want more!

For me there is another corner to turn, to go so much more deeply into the Present, into the Now.
Committing to my body, my body-spirit communication and relationship - in an ongoing way - like I have never before.

So, I am committing to the practice of Being Present, at least a portion of each day,
and I know it will be a Wild Ride.

SO, being me, of course I said:
“Oh this will be so much more do-able, and better, and deeper and funner with friends!”

SO - Might you want to join the Body Club?
I have some thoughts about how to structure it, but I am open to suggestion.
The real question is - are you in?

If so, then please start Now.
Today, invest a bit of time with yourself.
And, be in touch with me, to say you are interested.

I am thinking of facilitating a limited-size, flexible and fun group of friends.
To consistently meet and support each other over the next, IDK, year? could be longer or shorter…

I want to be informed by many people, world-views and modalities from inside the group, and from outside experts, as well.
I will ask a small contribution from folks to make this all happen
- we can determine some combination of money, leadership, teaching, healing and/or other assistance. 

I am totally flex, but I am thinking something like this for the structure:
- Formally meet as a group one day a month to share, listen, learn, heal, touch, be together - if you can’t make it, ok.
- Informally meet in pairs (or small groups if you want) once each week to share, listen, learn, heal, touch, be together - if you don’t want to do it, ok.
- Playfully communicate now and then, on a Secret Facebook page -  share, listen, learn, heal, be together - or don’t, all ok.
- Personally, consciously invest our own spirit-body relationship each day - to share, listen, learn, heal, be together with our body  - if you don’t choose to do it, ok.

The point is to be:
Supporting ourselves to go deeper and wider in our own healing.
Facing together, what we have challenge facing alone.

This is all about healing ourselves, our bodies, our lives.
This is about witnessing ourselves and each other.
This is about holding a safe and powerful container, where we can let the seed that is us, blossom.

This Commitment, this Club will affect others, but that is secondary.
We do this for ourselves.

It is not to be better - healers, readers, teachers, lovers, partners, workers, friends, family members, people..,
We don’t do this to be better for anyone else, or even ourselves. -
We do this to BE.

We are not doing this as a class at PA, or as leaders of our psychic community.
We are quietly getting together in a living room, or a quiet place in nature, or sometimes maybe on retreat
and doing our work - together, building on the brave and tender work we do alone.

I am inviting you as an AHP person, first.
Please let me know if you have interest, in the next five days.
After that, if you are not interested, I will ask others who are committed and equipped to journey together.

in Life, Wendy

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