Friday, April 25, 2014

Conscious Embodiment Intensive - a healing circle for mature women healers

Come invest in deep work, with a safe, supportive group of women.
Taking time to deepen together into a trusting community,
and allowing the time it takes to step-by step reorganize our body experience and expression (because bodies take time, and that is beautiful ; )

Engaging things like:
  • Consciously Embodying: breathing, moving, engaging healthy body-mechanics, touching, savoring the senses, deepening with  Momma Earth, enjoying intimate connections with others, etc
  • Honoring our unique path.  Being with each of our developmental stages (infancy, childhood, adolescence, etc).  Tuning-into each stage of our soul journey, shifting agreements and healing disturbances, completing anything undone - so we can build on a strong foundation in the evolution of our consciousness. 
  • Utilizing our body energies for healing, creativity, self-care, delight…

  • Owning and becoming more comfortable in and with our body - as ourselves, with others and in the world.  Tuning into to the systems of our body (skin, muscle, bone, digestion, etc), and our bodies as a whole - to clear, cleanse, embrace and enliven our body… 
  • Choosing our female body and experience, cleansing, loving and reformatting to our unique expression of gender and sexual expression.
  • Saying hello to our patterns & habits - within ourselves and in our relationships, work and play - how we avoid and how we engage LIFE; love ourselves in what is, and If and When we choose, invite shift.

Including things like:
  • retreats to learn, play and integrate new ways of being.
  • opportunities to savor and learn-from various body-work and movement practices.
  • learning and experiencing with experts from several somatic-focused fields

  • OPTIONAL: additional daily and weekly connection, sharing and healing structures - you can weave into and out-of, as this serves your process and your schedule.

I am inviting a healing circle:
a Conscious Embodiment Intensive,
a 6 month adventure - maybe more, if we choose...

I believe we will create the opportunity for 3 retreats and gather two Monday evenings per month.
Not every week, so easier to fit in busy schedules; as well as integrate healing and transformation more comfortably.

in Life!


About the focus of this Adventure.
2 things I would like you to know:

This is a very different focus than anything you have taken with me before, just FYI.

Usually I am consciously standing for a shift in our IDENTITY
to move off from:
- our past/future,
- others/our own stories,
- the expereince/expectations of our body/world
- etc

... so who am I BEing and who do I Choose to BE?

In this Circle of Learning, Healing, Playing and Support
I am consciously standing in a more Balanced place:

- I am Spirit playing in Body!
- I am holding Heaven and Earth - and Dancing in the interface, with Community of all my Relations.
- I AM a voice in the spiritual chorus in this physical world

... so, given I am Soul, what am I DOing and what do I choose to DO?
- of course, still from the Inside, Out.
- but importantly, how am I Manifesting in and through the Body and the World?
- not just energetically/spiritually - but In This World.


The main through-line for the 6 months will be:
An Embodiment Project
Saying hello to:
  • Something I want to DO in the World, that I haven't done.
  • Something I really Want to be doing, that I'm not DOing.
in the process:
  • Saying goodbye to the body, mind, spiritual things that have been in the way of the things I want to Do.
  • Saying hello the the body, mind, spiritual things that I need to BE and DO, so I can Have - Body and Soul - this new Thing.
  • BEing and DOing what it takes to DO this NEW Amazing thing, by the end of the Program.

This Embodiment Project will provide focus for each of us, in this 6 month Circle, and help us to build the Intention and physical and spiritual muscle it takes to DO what you want to DO in this World.

Please be dreaming and writing on what you want to Create in the World through this circle - it can be anything that is into the world
- anything that can be measured, anything 'flies can see'
- not just a change in BEing, a change in DOing.

This game has already shifted my life and who I am being, as I have been finding what I want to actively shift. I look forward to this process with y'all!!

hugs - w


Updated Schedule:
Monday evenings:

July 11 & 25
Sept 12 & 26
Oct 10 & 24
Nov 7 & 28
Dec 19

Mountain Loop Highway (can do one or both): 11 - 7pm, optional night before and or after:
Mon Aug 1
Sat Sept 10

Nov 18 - 20

We may choose to extend our Women's circle a few more months, but for now, this is our current plan.

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