Tuesday, April 1, 2014

overview for 20 July weekend Logistics


going here to meet and camp

this is the area we are going

fyi, description of something i am working on offering, which gives general idea of what we will do

Logistics see:


food will all be easy, no fridge, no cook - unless you wan to bring a cooler and stove - that is great.
see here for easy individual & group food suggestions:

remember your own cup/water bottle and utensils

class times:

Can come early Saturday if want - Maggie can't come til late afternoon - I suggest you get your sleeping situation and your stuff handled before class starts, if you can...
Saturday evening class 6 until 9/10; we will have some time to eat/snack while we meet.
Sunday morning - class for 2-3 hours, we will decide what time on Saturday evening; we will have some time to eat/snack while we meet.
Sunday morning - Monday morning - then a day silent & solo retreat - folks can play together, go sightseeing and on hikes, and talk if they choose - this DAY IS FOR YOU!!!  Find and enjoy your OWN energy and what YOU want to DO!
then Monday class 7am - 1pm; we will have some time to eat/snack while we meet.
can stay late Monday if want...

Carpool - 3 -4 cars including RV
$10 to driver ($5 each way), driver chooses to park and walk or buy hang-tag
talk to Maria about who drives with whom ; )

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