Thursday, April 17, 2014

Please Jump on the Balloon - assist with Abundance Takes Flight! April 2016

Dear Psychic & Healer Friends,

You have probably heard that Lynn has a vision for an event that helps us all raise our vibration around Abundance:
I have attached the flier below, and here this is the FB invite page.

Basically here is the deal:
One Purpose:
Abundance takes Flight
ALL of us rise, together!

Two Avenues:
Uplift our Brothers and Sisters in the Homeless Community…
Uplift our Consciousness around Abundance, Prosperity, Money…
ALL of us rise, together!
This event is for all, and supports all.
Many of us are already invested, in many different ways.
I am writing to ask You to Please Jump on the Balloon, and assist with Abundance Takes Flight!

We have been planning this event for months - and now it is now less than 2 weeks away!
Please register here, if you have not already - to to help increase our momentum.

It is my personal intention that all of us who invest in this event, Receive more than we give.
Please consider investing in this spiritual movement, in one or all these ways:

1) Personally invite your friends, those who you believe will resonate with this vision - they can come in person or get the video after, if too far away…
  • When each of us sign-up ourselves, with 3 friends - we will fill what is left of the seats!
  • If you have questions or comments, please be in touch - thank you!!

2) Invest your business (and/or invite like-minded Businesses) in this Movement. This is an opportunity to advertise with no up-front cost: ’Share the Wealth', basically:
  • Your Business is listed as a sponsor and receives at-event and on-line exposure through the end of May.
  • When a new client comes to you and mentions the Abundance event, you donate half the proceeds to Share/Wheel via the Abundance event.
  • If you are interested, please get me your biz info ASAP, and what services you are offering for  ’Share the Wealth' - thank you!!
  • Also, we have ~3 of the 10 ‘Corporate Sponsorships’ still available at $500 - which includes more exposure and seats at the event.  If you have or know a business that would like to invest more directly, please share with them and/or let us know!

3) Invest your creation energy in this vision, by investing 10-15 minutes any evening that you have time.
Come Create with us Spiritually, basically:
  • We have been, and will be until the event - gathering on a shared phone call for 10-15 minutes every night, starting at 9 pm we are raising our own vibration, the vibration of the event creators, of the event, and of our planet regarding Abundance; and visioning a successful event, as well as an amazing shift for us all - woo hoo!
  • It is different each night, and so far a lot of fun- with more or less folks on the call, depending on the day…
  • If you are interested, please get me your info ASAP, and I will get you the details - thank you!!

4) Any other thing you might want to contribute or assist-with, please be in touch- thank you!!

in Life! Wendy

PS - please feel free to utilize any of this info or associated links to share this opportunity with your network - thanks!!


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