Friday, April 4, 2014

About Wendy

Wendy R Wolf is a trusted Healer & Soul Transformation Facilitator - read what others have to say.

Wendy R. Wolf has been dancing with the Divine since 1982. 
She says: "It is such a rich, exciting way to live!"  

Her abiding passion for spiritual deepening, healing, growth and presence,
as well as her deep connection with All Our Relations,
make her a remarkable inspiration and nurturing supporter for others on their unique soul journey.

in 2002, Wendy moved to Seattle from NJ, to train in meditation, healing, and opening to soul senses and abilities / psychic development, to spur recovery from prolonged chronic illness. 

Applying spiritual tools, she found much more than relief from physical symptoms.
Allowing healing and transformation for herself and her life, she set out to share these life-changing gifts with others.

Heal Grow Shine: BE Your Potential is the vehicle for Wendy to share her gifts with the world. 
Since 2005, she has served as a Trusted
  • Healer & Soul Transformation Facilitator, and 
  • Leader of a growing team of SoulTech Healers, who inspire & support each unique Soul Journey, assist folks to Heal, Grow & Shine - transforming Life's Challenges into Lucrative Adventures!

Some flavor for how Wendy assists individuals and groups:

See Special Sauce, which includes how Wendy: 

- Enhances each person's unique spiritual senses and abilities;

- Learns energetically from Ascended Masters, and shares how to easily do this;

- Empowers individuals to take back free will, be continually more the "Captain of their own Life".

- Practices in amusement (playful adventure) and neutrality (non-judgement, rising above the pulls of thoughts and emotions), and shares how to easily do this.

See Commitments as A Healer and Facilitator, which includes Wendy's:

- Passion to facilitate each individual's soul abilities, rather than showcase her own:

- Honoring each individual's unique journey, abilities, perspective and insights.   

- Equipping each individual to co-create a wonderful life that serves themselves & the world.

See Wendy's Training and Professional Story including:

- Official Training:
     Bachelors degree in Religion. 
     Certified Massage Therapist. 
     Ordained as a Psychic Reader & Healer, as well as Certified as a Spiritual Teacher.       

- Life Training:
     At 30, she was called as a 'Healer', and immediately started breaking.  She succumbed to a syndrome of chronic illnesses, stuck in pain & fatigue, bed-ridden for years! 
     At 40, in 2005, with increasing well-being, having learned to powerfully heal and create in her life, as well as safely assist and inspire others to do the same; she began investing in her life’s work in a whole new & powerful way:  serving soul evolution.

Some flavor for who Wendy is, in everyday life:

Wendy loves
Connecting with Momma Nature - particularly ocean and deep mountains! 
Other interests include: reading, writing, movies, cooking, quote collecting, playing with kids, doing nothing! 
All of life is her spiritual practice;  she utilizes inner tools to assist her to consciously act as spirit in the world, to follow her unique spiritual path, and to enjoy the ride!

Wendy loves to play with spiritual deepening, personal development, as well as relationships; intimate connection with All Relations, human sexuality & communication (she used to serve as a Relationship Coach). 
She invests heavily in her own healing, relationship with the Beloved/God, as well as inspiring transformation for All.

Since 2002, Wendy lives in beautiful Ballard (Seattle), with her partner Michael.
She is enjoying how her life is evolving in deliciousness and in service. 


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