Monday, April 28, 2014

We have TOOLS that WORK

We are spirit in bodies,
and most of us need to learn to operate as spirit in this wonderful world
- because most of us were not trained as children (or any other time). 

We were trained in the opposite, actually,
to operate (in an unfriendly universe) as bodies
- to try to navigate according to how we think, what we feel, what others expect... 

So, it helps us to utilize tools & practices that help us to ACT as spirit.
Tools that assist us:
  • to take care of our bodies, and relate to others, to the Earth & this Reality, & to our Source;
  • to let in Blessings, and to take out the trash from our space;
  • to build the muscle of our authority in our own space in in our life.
  • to safely and comfortably open to our soul senses, our spiritual abilities, our power as Healers and Creators in this Reality...
Tools like these are GOLD!
Our team utilizes Soul Technology -  Spiritual Levers  - for ourselves and with you.
We utilize these tools & practices to shift our own internal & external lives in Amazing Ways, and we invite you to do the same.

HOW can Soul Technology assist you?

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