Friday, April 4, 2014

Personal Training Sessions

Give me a place to stand and a lever long enough and I will move the world.
      - Archimedes, 220 BCE

Personal Training can give you a place to stand, 
and a Lever long enough, to shift your world!

Give yourself the gift of one-on-one  Soul Training, Playfully Shift in ways you need most, today.

You can schedule just one session,
OR for a better value and a lot more kick: in an individualized, ongoing program.

Personal Training 
assists you to:

  • focus on your particular needs,
  • build your own spiritual 'muscle',
  • at a convenient time in your schedule.  

If you are REALLY looking to go to the next level spiritually and/or in your life:
consider this program!  

Give this soul-focused opportunity a try, if you are:

  •     considering traditional Counseling or Life Coaching;
  •     hungry for your meditation or spiritual practice to go to the next level;
  •     needing deep emotional and soul healing in a safe, comfortable space just for you;
  •     served by just-in-time training in conscious co-creation and/or psychic development.

Meditate one-on-one with spiritual teacher and healer Wendy

Personal instruction sessions provide the opportunity to focus
on what is going on in your life, specifically.

In the individualized environment you will learn new Soul Tools
at the time when they are most applicable to your path.

Personal Instruction is the accelerated track to 
Playfully Shift.

Folks who enroll in ongoing personal instruction
invite spiritual solutions into life, in a very engaging way.

 Heal one-on-one with spiritual teacher and healer Wendy

    Deep Healing: get individual support to Playfully Shift
You will see yourself and your life more clearly,
as well as heal and change in the direction of your desires.

The individual benefits of the work we do can be experienced most strongly here.

in life, Wendy 

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