Tuesday, April 8, 2014

HOW can Soul Technology assist you?

Sometimes, just knowing a simple technique,
or having a tool to use,
or knowing where to stand to look at something in a certain light
... can really make a difference in our lives:     
  • I live in a beautiful area – Seattle.  Meanwhile, the views from our apartment are rather mundane... Except, if one stands in a particular place, then - ta-da – there’s the Olympic mountain range, in all its glory!
  • In my early life, I had my first holiday dinner at my new apartment - with all the family…  Everything went fine.  Except:  several folks brought wine – and we didn’t have a corkscrew!  It is now a family chuckle, but then, not so much!
  • I was relatively athletic in my youth, but whenever someone threw something to me – keys, for example - I would get NERVOUS, try too hard, not catch it... and manage to look ridiculous doing it!  Then my friend told me the secret – don’t try too hard!  From then on, I catch stuff or I don’t…  usually I do (and I look cool doing it... relatively ;)

Catch what life throws at you with aplomb, while enjoying wine & savoring the view?  YES! 

Soul Technology is amazingly useful in our inner lives.  The practices can make a distinct difference in the quality and experience of our inner lives... and the rest of our lives.

Get a feel for the value of Soul Technology
; as well as what it is like to work with me, and WHAT IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU. 

From my teacher, Mary Ellen Flora, on the benefits of utilizing Spiritual Techniques

You can benefit greatly from learning and using spiritual techniques to help you discover your spiritual nature and abilities.

You develop your spiritual focus when you use spiritual techniques, just as you learn tennis by putting your attention on tennis techniques. 

It is easy to refocus as spirit if you use spiritual techniques to help you.  If you seek to have a spiritually focused life,  you must have spiritual tools to lay a firm foundation....

Spiritual techniques can help you communicate with your body.  They will also help you learn how to work with your body. 

You have to practice anything you teach the body so it can create a pattern to follow.  Using spiritual techniques takes practice so you and your body can learn to operate together, as spirit in the physical world.

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