Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Deep Healing

Deep Healing
is the essence of All of our offerings.

Please, peruse our site, notice what is Possible for You, Get INSPIRED!

Founder, Wendy, a Soul / Psychic / Energy Healer, brings a lot of training, life expereince, 'clinical experience', and spiritual wisdom to the table.
But, ultimately, Spirit leads the way.

When you ask specifically for a Healing...

You receive:
  • Spiritual Validation of where you are;
  • Insight into what would help you to move forward;  as well as
  • Spiritual Assistance & Energy Healing to Move in places that you have been stuck: 
    • physically, emotionally, relationally, financially, sexually, energetically;
    • in experiencing safety, empowerment, self-expression, passion...
Soul healing helps us clear the physically-focused barriers, heavy & dark;
and brings us more consciously to our spiritual experience, easy & Light. 

A Healing can be as interactive as you choose,
no experience is required,
you sit comfortably in a chair.

Healings offer the opening to:
  •     Make our unique connection with The Divine, more conscious.
  •     Allow Insights and Energy to address earthly and spiritual dilemmas.
  •     Invite & Empower us to make changes which serve us & our Path.
As your personal space clears & heals, the interactions which make up your outer life become more naturally comfortable, effective, serendipitous.

As the light inside us burns brighter,
the world becomes a little less dark.

Want to read more about Healing?
Try: Invite Soul Transformation


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