Monday, April 21, 2014

Handout from: Ask & Receive: Love! (Meditation Workshop)

Ask & Receive: Love!
Meditation Workshop with Wendy R Wolf

Practice these meditation techniques to consciously, safely & comfortably Play IN Love:
  • Grounding – Connecting w/ the Heart of Momma Earth – Supported, Belonging.
  • Centering – Being Neutral / Spiritually-focused & the Captain of your Body/Life.
  • Releasing - Letting-go of what you're done-with, opening-up room within.
  • Receiving from the Earth - Filling from River of Life, energy support for your body.
  • Receiving from the Cosmos - Saying Yes! to Blessings, filling-up your soul batteries.

Practice inviting delicious, precious Love, what you have been searching for, INSIDE yourself...

1) What does Love feel like, to you?   Say hello to your Love vibration:
  • What is it like for you to Be with playful puppies, snuggly kittens, laughing children?
  • What is it like for you to Be with a desired lover, your soul-mate, the love of your life?
  • What is it like for you to Be with an ocean sunset, a mountain cascade, the touch of the Divine?

2) Ask & Receive: access & be fed-by your unique Love-vibration cocktail, spiritually, within.

    Practice these intentions in your continued meditations and spiritual practice in the world:
  • More: Love, spiritually
    - Invite Love deeply into your energy system and your body; melting blocks, limits and lies.
  • Less: Hunger for Love
    - Let your body be filled from the Earth. Let Love feed your deepest Needs.
  • More: Freedom around Love: to be comfortable alone, to be comfortable in relationship
    - Say hello to your true wholeness, know yourself and your life as complete.
  • Less: Chasing-around of people, success & experiences, trying to obtain the Love you want
    - Collect your focus from the world, to alignment in your Self, with your Source.
  • More: Magnetizing Love in your life, because you are love, already
    - BE Love, BE a Love Magnet!

    Deepen in Love with Wendy R Wolf:

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