Tuesday, April 1, 2014

STP: Spiritual Leadership & Teaching Program

We are really excited to announce the new Spiritual Leadership & Teaching Program

It is designed to assist you to BE the Spiritual Leader that you ARE
… in Your Life, in Your Business, in Your World
… whether that is teaching Soul Tools, Spiritual Healing, or Teaching some other Spiritual-related Program - like Yoga, or BEing a Spiritual Leader in your everyday life
… or as a Mom, a Business person, a Community Organizer (who also happens to be following spirit and healing folks around you and changing the world! : )

It will be unlike earlier teaching programs - longer, deeper, more life-transforming and more professionally expansive.
We will also be more focused, effective, and committed to enhancing the development of each participant, in our Spiritual Maturity and Leadership Capacity.

Here is the intention of what we will learn and practice:

Resting in our Truth - Our Certainty is our Gift to ourselves, our students, and our world.
WE KNOW what is true for us, and they can know what is true for them!
Accessing our truth and spiritual leading while in the ’stupid-gas’, in real time - in the midst of life - while we are ‘on’.

Pleasing Ourselves and Following Spirit opens our Magical Path as a Leader.
Owning our OWN Vibration, takes off the pressure of perfect pictures, helps us let go of competition.
Opening to our Uniqueness sets us FREE in our Creativity and self-expression.

BEing a Spiritual Leader, Owning Seniority on a new level.
Finding and owning our own Teaching & Leadership Space.
Saying hello and goodbye to bigger temptations, which can increase in push-back as we expand.
Letting-go of people 'Liking' and 'Approving-of' us - by Validating & loving our own self; being body of glass with their pictures and energy, their love and hate.

We are Always Learning - Being a student, while being a teacher.
Operating in a growth-period, while we are releasing crap from our space, and in a challenging healing cycles.
BEing where We are, AND Teaching/Leading where THEY are, not where You are, not where they Should be…

The Blessing of Beautiful & Productive Relationships with students/peers/teammates
Enjoying the gift of appropriate & healthy boundaries.
Letting-go of over-giving, letting go of responsibility, letting them fall (if/until it is time to catch them ;)

Everyone wins! We do our thing, we support their thing - powerfully and neutrally.
Clearing our own and others competition, perfect pics around Healing, Reading, Teaching, Leading.
Standing for ourselves And for others - each of us Being our unique selves and enjoying our own creations.
Reading the Room, following Spirit in real-time when teaching/leading, and when interacting with individuals.

HEALing! Noticing what trips us, in who we BE and what we DO - and OWNING that.
Saying hello to our ‘shadow' and clearing the pictures and energy that keep us from our True Wholeness.
Seniority to fear, pain, invalidation, competition, punishment, hate, etc

Building even more Confidence in our Basic Tools - Soul Levers & Healing Distinctions - Knowing how, why, wherefore…
Enjoying many different tips and techniques for verbally speaking and energetically showing students tools and distinctions,
as well as adding metaphors, games and toys for insights.

Knowing OUR Stuff
- Building on the Basics, in your own way.
Experiencing how YOU teach, read, heal, lead… like no one else!
Enjoying YOUR continually evolving, Unique way of inspiring and sharing your insights/vision.

Consciously owning and setting-energy for our Creations - your classes, your lectures, your life - physically and spiritually.
Allowing ourselves to Share our vibration, our gifts, ourselves with the world - in our own unique way.
Saying Hello to Marketing, Sales, Allowing Money flow, Managing the front-end and back-end of business…
Enrolling folks in their own healing and growth, inviting them to play in your game.

We will also Consciously Develop Sustainable Structures and Practices for self-care
Building a Powerful & Safe Container of Community, to serve us for this class, and into the future.
Deepening our interdependent, fierce and trusting relationships with other Conscious Spiritual Leaders.

Please let us know your interest, and we will send you details

Whether you want to teach Basic Tools, Healing, some other modality, or just Own Your Life & your Leadership More;
this class will support you to BE yourself, Doing your Calling, as a (Spiritual) LEADER in your World!
in life!
:) Wendy

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